Tateyama Annual Iaido Seminar


This year’s Zen Ken Ren Iai seminar is happening on Saturday, September 30, 2017 beginning at 9 AM. It will be led by Taylor Sensei and Green Sensei.

Registration Form: FALL IAIDO SEMINAR 2017

There will be a break for lunch. After the seminar, we’ll meet at Sushi Kan on Innes for dinner.


For those in town on Friday, we’re planning to get together around 7:00 PM for food. We’ll be meeting at Crust & Crate on Ogilvie. It’s a pizza pub with allergy friendly items. They have a GF crust, many dairy free options, and lettuce wraps for the tacos.


There will be Jodo and possibly something like Niten at our club on the Sunday for those who are still in town.


Hope to see you there!