The Void

Filling a void with darkness
is like filling veins with dead blood.
You will not be satisfied.
It is hardest to love
openly and honestly,
freely and wholeheartedly.
Yet love can be the most rewarding action.
It is also the most fulfilling
to love and to be loved.
If we all strived for these
would there be war?
Life is more complicated.
People envy what others have.
I wonder if it would be so conflicting
if everyone found their soul mates.
Would rape, murder, greed, envy, theft, cheating, malice, torture, terrorism, and
disrespect still thrive?
The system cannot be perfect
except perhaps in Eden.
Humanity throws away good
like a filthy piece of rubbish.
I wish everyone could know real love.

Copyright © Raeanne G. Roy, 2016. All rights reserved.