Social Media, Submission

Social media, draws me in
I am not sure where to begin
Uniting the crowds towards a goal
Trying to fill those cracks and holes
What friends like can be surprising
Friendship knowledge ever rising
A source for learning myself too
Burning with yearning to find glue


Social media, collusion
People fear, “They’ll be tracking me.”
I have this shocking news for you
It’s clear that they already do
The option is yours to be free
But I know one thing you will grieve
To live off the grid with no debt
Will mean the loss of Internet


Social media, enjoyment
Stay in touch during deployment
Sounds coming from across the globe
Often have tickled my ear lobes
Watch videos of little ones
Falling onto their little bums
Playing games with all of my friends
Lets me see through another lens


Social media, affliction
Playing games fuels my addiction
Filling my brain with this poison
Go collect some berries boysen
Maybe berries will help you grow
Like the mushroom, I know you know
There are some games which can’t be beat
Like the candy game that is sweet


Social media, false display
No drama please, they like to say
Be content, but not too happy
Cannot deal when you are weepy
Talking about your hopes and dreams
Does not let others shine and beam
If you want to make others smile
Stick to cat pictures for a while


Social media, status change
Not within allowable range
Declaring your love to the world
Was once romantic to unfurl
Now with the cutesy comic strips
Your life, an entertaining blip
If you proceed with the mushy
You might make some people touchy


Social media, dating sites
Do not come with specific rights
Answer questions from computer
It will find your rightful partner
Trust in the robots, they know more
About who you would like to score
You do not need to go out there
So stay home in your underwear


Social media, career path
Where you display your like for math
Perhaps your thing is writing words
Or do you like to care for birds
Perchance you prefer drinking tea
There’s something you want to sell me
Making some career connections
For a future move intention


Social media, food sharing
Post your dinner and feel daring
There is some good to come of this
For those with an allergic twist
Cookies and cakes that aim to tease
Are tortuous and sting like bees
If you were such a master chef
There would never be a crumb left


Social media, condemning
People can be so frustrating
Just because you don’t like my posts
Does not mean they are not worth toasts
It is not what you think, you know
How about you make room to grow
“Don’t share things I find upsetting”
You think you’re the world, I’m betting


Social media, lost and found
News of children who almost drowned
Checking in on a fallen friend
Making sure she is on the mend
Twins who separated at birth
Know social media has worth
The grout is dirty ’round that tile
But I’m not lost on this dirt pile


Social media, distraction
So much more, the root of action!
While you focus on the surface
You miss the truth of its purpose
Just like the iceberg and that boat
Overlooking key things for mote
If the only concern was ditch
Why do they want a killing switch?

Copyright © Raeanne G. Roy, 2016. All rights reserved.