Seven Sins

This series of poems was inspired by the movie Seven back when I was in high school.

Sin #1 – Gluttony
Obesity to the max,
so fat that you can’t stand.
Yet you persist in your sin.
Were you ever thin?
Can’t leave your home.
A disgusting mass.
You’re looking like
Jabba the Hut.
People talk
say, “disgusting,
those people who
let themselves go.”
Shut in and forgot.
Unknown to a world,
too cruel to care.
Force-fed spaghetti.
Appetite lost,
your stomach splits open,
like a ripe peach.
Life stops.
You’re dead.

Sin #2 – Greed
One pound of flesh,
no cartilage, nor bone.
One pound of flesh,
no more, no less.
If given a choice,
with a gun to the head.
Where could you spare,
some flesh for my wares?

Sin #3 – Sloth
The epitome of laziness.
Eating, shitting, sleeping,
stabbing the cat.
This is the most that you do.
Getting too lazy for the toilet.
Might as well have a bedpan.
Probably too lazy for that.
Too lazy to ever move.
Bedridden now.
Starvation long ago took hold.
Looking more than anorexic.
Dead? You look like a skeleton.
Bones with some skin.
Maggots inside your body.
Too lazy to die?

Sin #4 – Lust
Nothing is safe.
There are no sure things.
Even the bounty of our loins can lead to death.
Wanting so bad, you’d beat, maim, or kill.
You feel forced into this.
Forced into uncomfortable clothing.
The blades, they pierce through.
Blood everywhere, but you continue.
You can’t stop because he won’t allow it.
Resistance is futile, for either way you will die.
So you abide his strange law until you bleed to death.
So does he.
You are found together.
Both covered in blood.
You alert of deadly lust.

Sin #5 – Pride
Too proud or is it stupid.
You could safely back out,
with little shame or injury.
If you call for help, they’ll disfigure you.
Calling for help will save your life.
You don’t want anyone to know
the things best hidden.
You shouldn’t care for what others see.
You have cut off your nose.
But your secret is safe.

Sin # 6 – Envy
Try to cover what others yearn for.
Those objects that may cause frenzy.
If they discover the truth,
you may dig your own grave.
In their mindless, heartless way,
they idolize you.
You and your perfectly normal life.
Family, dogs, house, job.
All that’s missing is a white, picket fence.
Your wife’s sawed-off head in a basket.
Your perfect life ended by envy.

Sin #7 – Wrath
The completion of our circle of sins.
You do not die, for you are a toy.
The guilt will consume your life.
You’ve been played for a fool.
Used to finish someone else’s dirty work.
You are left in blame.
The man that envied, you killed.
Survival of the fittest, right?
If you hadn’t, he would have, right?
Would he really have?
You are left used and deceived.
Full of blame and shame.
Resentful and defeated, you wish for death.
Life with pain is your torture.
You must take over the guilt before it ruins you.
You can’t bring yourself to suicide.
You try to run away and forget what happened.
Cursed for the rest of your life.
When you finally die of old age, nothing matters anymore.
You should have faced it instead of running.
You wasted your life stupidly.
You gave in to paranoia and anxiety.
You are a sucker.

Copyright © Raeanne G. Roy, 2016. All rights reserved.