Questioning Life

Did you ever notice that when you like someone, it can hurt?
It’s frustrating when they know and act so cool about it.
They don’t make any moves, don’t encourage or discourage you.
They stay nonchalant about things.
Nothing phases them.
They may feel the same way, but it’s too hard to tell.
Why aren’t people more clear?
What don’t we just come out and say how we feel?
Why do we keep our emotions bottled-up so tight?
A future explosion becomes inevitable.
Why do people lose interest when the feelings are reciprocated?
Why are we so backward?
Why do we read into blank pages?
How did we fall apart as a society?
Why can’t we work together on the rebuild?
Why can’t we be more like the child who doesn’t see a black child with white
parents, but a family?
Why do we condemn, hate, stereo-type, slander, and lie?
Why do we beat, maim, and kill those that have not wronged us?
Why do we preach of equality and then segregate others?
Why do we tell children to be themselves and then give in to the pressure of our
Why do we tell children to be confident, and then tell them they can’t do something
because of what others may think about them?
Why do we become leaders or followers instead of team members?
Why do we use religion instead of common decency?
Why do we feel a need to compare ourselves to others?
Why do we judge an entire group based on 2 or 3 members?
Why do we create words to live by and then disregard them?
Why do we hurt and hate instead of love and support?
Why do we accredit value to paper and numbers over people?
Why do we let something else determine who we are friends with?
Why do social groups matter where love is concerned?
I thought opposites are supposed to attract?
Why do we treat criminals like kings and average people like garbage?

Copyright © Raeanne G. Roy, 2016. All rights reserved.