Pleasure Without Commitment


Goddamn it hurts
The pain takes hold
My heart feels abandoned,
My mind knows I must move on
My heart doesn’t want to
I’m falling in love with you
Doesn’t that mean anything?
What was I, something to pass the time?
Don’t answer that.
Pleasure without commitment
won’t be gotten from me.
I hate you.
No, I don’t.
It would make it easier
to salvage my broken heart.
You broke it.
Now I need to find something or someone
to help me mend it.

I feel like a scared kid.
Starting anew.
I don’t know what’s to find or who.
I don’t love you.
I can’t.
It would be pointless.
Freedom at last.
I can do and say anything.
Worry free.
I don’t need you.
Plenty of others care for me.
It will be a difficult journey,
but I must embark.
Someone will take your place.
I will be rid of every trace of you!
Can I forget all that we were?

By Raeanne G. Roy. All rights reserved.