Eyes meet across a room
Shock drives away the gloom
The object in my hands
Falls on the wooden land

For dinner, I had hoped
But no, I had to cope
With old, condescending
This timing was trending

With Internet, I found you
Proceeded to date too
It was so very sweet
That I wanted to tweet

But too good to be true
Was how I felt with you
What was sweet turned to sour
You got mad and it was dour

My skill was lacklustre
T’was all I could muster
I lost you at year’s end
Is there a time to mend?

I did apologize
But some things are unwise
Some, unacceptable
You were right to table

I was a disaster
Certainly no master
My growth was stunted
Anger when confronted

Was lost on this dirt pile
And so very fragile
I’m back on track, nearly
I see the path clearly

Attempting several goals
Plugging those old holes
Confident and happy
Feisty, fun, and zappy

I pretend to forget you
It’s not something I can do
I cannot close my heart
Its doors were blown apart

A fool for having hope
But I refuse to mope
I am chasing my dreams
Enjoying the sun’s beams

By Raeanne G. Roy. All rights reserved.