Nature Walk


As the leaves change, so do people.

The fun that was had one year ago,
now just a passing memory.

The sun shines upon the rocks and water,
reminding of the love shared this summer.

A caressing breeze guides me on my way,
leading me to uncharted ground.

I close my eyes and breathe calmly.

I open them to watch Mother Nature as
She caresses the leaves of the trees around me.

I feel surrounded by love yet I am alone.
I am at one with nature.

Finding myself and not knowing I was lost.
A void filled that I did not know existed.

What else have I been missing?

On the way home, I see a lady.
She is tending to her flowers.

They will soon be covered in a blanket of snow,
but that does not seem to matter.

The faint buzz of traffic
reminds me of the duties I have.

And ends this moment of peace.

By Raeanne G. Roy. All rights reserved.