Loving An INTP

Pondering our existence and creation are worthy topics
but I don’t have time for mindless chatter about celebrities.
nor do I want to know how hard it is for you to buy clothes.

Tantalize me with the experience of something new, please
but don’t be shocked if I say it was amazing
then have no interest in doing it again.

Like an introverted version of Dr. Gregory House,
I’m fascinated by so much and become bored so easily.
Few things really pique my interest and fewer still capture it long term.

My heart wants to explode over the senseless pain in the world
but the pain you caused yourself is not my problem.
I think you should stop and think before doing next time.

Talk to me in terms of actions I can take.
I want to make things better for those around me
and a simple thank you suffices plenty.

Give me time to respond to anything that involves emotions.
I’m not so good at knowing how I feel about something
because I need to evaluate the ramifications of all sides.

I abhor lying, falseness, and inaccuracy.
Truth can be painful in the short term
but I’ve always cared more for the greater good.

While I appreciate kind gestures and gifts
I’d rather spend quality time that creates memories and is fun for you too.
I also know many others are in far greater need of things than I am.

Though I like feeling special,
I’m lower maintenance than you’re probably used to
and I’m really hard to get to know.

I know I’m worthy of your love and generosity
but I constantly worry that I’ll become a burden
and you’ll have less time for the other things that are important to you.

By Raeanne G. Roy. All Rights Reserved.