Love’s Kiss


As sure as the rose blooms,
so does love grow.
Love’s beauty kisses the night
as the sun sets.
Something so right must be cared for;
protected like a child.

Gentle exploration.
Tenderness a necessity.
Take time to enjoy it
and it will be forever.
Love unfolds like a flower
in the morning dew.

Its glowing embers keep it alive
through long nights of cold and darkness.
Its gleam outshines the darkest clouds
and warms the coldest heart.
Its smile cheers the saddest soul
and thaws the thickest ice.

Love’s touch is never enough
and its heart is ever expansive.
Love’s voice demands a thousand ears
but its lips demand only one thing.
A warm breeze is love’s kiss;
accept it and flourish.

By Raeanne G. Roy. All rights reserved.