Love is…


Two halves looking to become a whole.
No, no, no!

Love is a union of two complete souls.

Unconditionally accepting everything about your partner
and never doing anything without them.
No. That is unhealthy.

Love is accepting each other’s faults and friends without ignoring boundaries.

Sweet summertime selfies, exploring your naked body, and drunken shenanigans.
Are fun but I want more and I know you can do it.

Love is making love to my body, my mind, and my soul.

Passively participating or agreeing with everything I say.
You’re getting colder.

Love is disagreeing while respecting each other.

Public touches, holding hands, and knowing stares.
Still, there is more to it than those.

Love is transcendent of age, social status, economic stability, gender, and race.

Cute matching outfits, fancy candlelit dinners, and met social obligations.
Are nice but shallow and it is much deeper than that.

Love is wanting to kiss you and to care for you while being angry at you.

Doing kind things just to see your smile.
You’re getting warmer, but you’re not there yet.

Love is helping each other find our own path even if it diverges from our own.

Shared interests, living together, and owning a home.
More nice things, but you can do better.

Love is building a strong foundation of trust and acceptance.

Perfect and unchallenged; that’s what makes it so beautiful.
No, it’s really far from perfect and there are many bumps.

Love is two imperfect people forging an unstoppable team.

Beach blanket cuddles on cool summer eves and walks along sandy shores.
Those are but the tip of an iceberg.

Love is an intensely intimate spiritual connection.

Completing each other’s words, knowing the other’s walk,
and running fingers through hair.
We’re getting there, but there’s still more.

Love is giving you freedom because you asked for it when all I want is to hold you closer.

Being there for you when you need someone?
Getting warmer!

Love is not always understanding all the things that drive you
but supporting your whacky ideas anyway and catching you when you fall.

Wanting you to be as amazing as the potential we see for you.
Not quite.

Love is encouraging growth and change but forcing neither.

Waiting for the right time to be together.
That’s commendable but time is precious and all too soon you’ll find time has run out.

Love is working around complicated schedules and other commitments.

Always knowing the right things to say and do.
People are full of emotions that they don’t always know how to deal with.

Love is communicating openly and without judgment
but it’s OK to be afraid to say what’s on your mind.

Being patient and kind.
Now you’re on the right track.

Love is an infinite orchestra where each plays their parts as best as they can.

By Raeanne G. Roy. All rights reserved.