Healthy Self-Love


It’s not you, it’s me;
I care too much about my sanity.
I’m done with all that is unhealthy;
especially gifts of PTSD

I want soulful interactions
rather than just a brief distraction.
No longer letting anyone live rent free in my head;
I will be making something beautiful instead.

Learning new things
Challenging myself
Finding my pathway
I’ve learned my lessons
Changed what I didn’t like
You can take a hike.

Bubble baths and solo showers;
reading books for several hours.
Exercising and training hard;
energy spent on business and bards.

Respect my boundaries;
someone exemplary.
Good morals a must,
or you will eat my dust.

If you’re not a good choice for me
you probably don’t want any babies.
Or I think you’ll be a terrible dad
because of how you treated me so bad.

I’m done with being used,
living this life confused.
I’ll be chasing my dreams
and dancing in moon beams.