You talk to me about this perfect humanity,
and the future that you’d like to see.
But then you don’t want anything to do with me,
at least that is how it seems to be.

I wish I knew what you are thinking,
and more than just your stance on drinking.
We talk so much about all things,
except the one that makes my soul sing.

You confound me with your smile,
it’s been happening for a while.
That delightful chuckle,
makes my knees buckle.

I wish you’d see me as a partner,
go with me to see Habs at Bell Centre.
Walk along the Rideau Canal,
and live a life that isn’t banal.

There has never been a man like you,
that challenges me the way you do.
You inspire me to think and fight,
for all the things I know are right.

I want to be so much more,
than the girl coming through your office door.
I want to be what you need,
as an equal that can take heed.

I don’t like to take the lead,
but I’d love it if we did the “deed”.
I can’t cook fishes,
and I suck at dishes.

I get sleepy,
and sometimes weepy.
I love the way you treat me,
and I want to satisfy your “needs” completely.

Geez, this has been a lot of cheesy.
I’ll keep the rest nice and easy.
You’re hot and smart,
and you make my heart rate dart.

We both want a better world,
where human potential is unfurled.
Can we stop the games,
and get on with moaning each other’s names?

By Raeanne G. Roy. All rights reserved.