Can’t Speak


I can’t think
I can’t speak
Knees weak

I can’t say what’s inside.

You’re so chill
You’re so smart
I’m scared that I’ll fart

You make me nervous.

Often vague
Clear as mud
Flower bud.

Can’t you see?

Music taste
Assuming things
Chicken wings

There is more to me.

You’re so hot
Smile so fly
Please, give me a try!

I’m a lot of fun.

Seem honest
But weird
You’re multi-tiered

I dig weird.

Kept at a distance
I’m all twisted
Got me wait-listed

You drive me crazy!

You excite me!
Checking yourself
Scared I’ll freak out?

That’s not what I’m about.

By Raeanne G. Roy. All rights reserved.