There is no such thing as God.
No such thing as the Devil.
Nor should there be good versus evil.
All are sad perceptions that humans have created
for the societal structure of their kind.
All is equal and one, therefore, inseparable and indistinguishable.
Should we continue this war, we will destroy our species and many others.
Humanity becomes less humane every day.
Survival of the fittest chimes through my head, like a reminder of how it should be.
Humans continually attempt to bend nature to their own twisted interpretation.
Whatever happened to live-and-let-live?
Why must we destroy each other?
In the end, we shall be left with nothing.
Humanity’s mistakes will become a reminder to the next in line.
Evolution shall take hold.

Copyright © Raeanne G. Roy, 2016. All rights reserved.