Continual Unwanted Contact


If you find yourself continuing to message a former lover who doesn’t respond, you are harassing them. Blocking them right after you message them to complain they haven’t responded is childish. So childish that Peter Pan wouldn’t approve.

Mentioning you’ve watched them walk by at the mall or movie theatre and that you read their blog is creepy. It’s you hoping to stay connected to them in some small way because you haven’t figured out how to move on with your life.

Being the object of an obsessed person’s fantasies is something no one should have to put up with. This is something I have been dealing with for nearly a year now. I won’t continue to suffer in silence and I won’t continue to accept this behaviour.

For more information on stalking behaviours, which include, but are not limited to: showing up unexpectedly on someone’s doorstep, asking their friends for updates on their lives, and continually messaging them claiming they still have items of yours that you know damn well they don’t have, check out this link.


ROW80 2019 R4-11

I had planned on doing more writing today, but as I was traveling home I stumbled onto a scandal. A scandal involving other writers I care about or whose work I admire and friends who have worked with ChiZine Publications who is at the centre of said scandal. It involves things like delayed or non-payments for one. Now, that isn’t normal, but also isn’t as bad as the rest. The rest being allegations of abuse, sexual harassment (including reviews referring to an author’s genitalia), and other extremely disturbing behaviours like trying to break apart marriages. At this moment there is a lot of WTAF in how I’m feeling about it all. These are people I’ve been around many times over the years. I have eleven books from their authors on my shelves and I would have bought more. Not now. I will read what I already own as many of the authors are leaving after having their rights revert to them. I’ll be keeping an eye on which ones are leaving as I don’t want to support the others.

For me, I feel fortunate to dodge the bullet as they were on my list of places to query. Not anymore.

More on this situation:


The new doctor was really nice. All my test results were in, so it’s not my B12 levels making me tired. I think it’s partly that I forgot it was the time change and lost sleep. He’s sending for my other records as I should be seeing a specialist at some point. I’m to follow up in two weeks. The specialist I had a couple of years ago moved to Toronto and didn’t bother to call the patients. Since I was without benefits and a job for awhile, I wasn’t in a rush to do anything about it. I’m tired of having joint pain and really just want to get back to being active.

  1. Glider: 0 steps
  2. OYO 10 Week Challenge: 0/70
  3. Martial Arts: 0


I got a new mop. My curtains are up in my bedroom and living room. The set for my dining room need to be washed before they can go up.

  • Declutter: 355/1,050 minutes (Goal 15 mins/day)
  • Paper: 150 pieces (1/day)
  • Bathroom: Nothing.


I’m not where I want to be at all for this, but I have Monday off as a floater holiday, so I hope to catch up.

  • 7,450/50,000


I’m going to go with Let It Be.

  • Let It Be
  • Downtown Abbey
  • Lean on Me


As far as David Christian’s Origin Story goes, I’m in the last chapter.

  • 1/3


I have not worked on this as I’ve been doing NaNo when I do have writing time.

  • 73,244/80,000


Where I’ve Been Lately

Sorry I dropped off the planet for a bit. Last week was packed. A friend was visiting, so I spent a lot of time with her. In between there were meetups, a work lunch for a departing colleague, cleaning Sensei’s garage, responding to a Letter of Intent, the condo Annual General Meeting, a manicure, sightseeing, video games at The Blurry Pixel, a walk through GlowFair, BBQs, and B-Movie night.

Sunday brought the Dojo BBQ where we practised Tameshigiri to test our cutting on straw mats. I seem to be getting worse each year, but it’s likely partly because I haven’t been going much over the winter. Also because of overthinking and trying too hard.

Today brought filling out security clearance application forms and fingerprinting. Hopefully that all works out okay.

With everything going on lately, writing has been taking a backseat. I’m worried I won’t get this short story done in time, but part of me feels like it doesn’t matter because writing shouldn’t be about getting things published and money. It should be about exploration, fun, learning, and more.

My pilot was rejected. I’m okay about it. Maybe I’ll turn it into a feature length film instead. I prefer writing those anyway.

Goals Update


  • Horror Short Story: 1,473/7,000 words [Due: June 30]
  • Horror Script: Waiting for the next phase.
  • The Page & The Magician: 71,993/80,000 words
  • Puppy Chow Script: Revision not started.
  • The Blood Waitress Club: 24,092/80,000
  • The Mockumentary Script: 10/120 minutes
  • Artos Red Script: 2/120 minutes


  • Dishes: 95%
  • Laundry: 85%
  • Entrance: 80%
  • Recycling: 90%
  • Mirrors: 3/7


  • Read: Charlie et la chocolaterie


  • Car Loan: 99.97% paid off.
  • OSAP Debt: 3.16% paid off.
  • Mortgage: 14.81% paid off.


  • Iaido – 1/2 (Sun, Tue)
  • Workouts – 0/5 (Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)


  • Learn piano*

*I intend to focus on this a lot this summer.


Mourning for Sri Lanka

I didn’t get much done on the weekend because it was Easter. And I’m late posting because I spent part of Easter too sad to find words after what happened in Sri Lanka. I saw the early news reports. I saw the body parts.

Christians are and have been attacked often in recent years and most incidents go unreported. If you search for “attacks on Christians” you can learn about what has been going on in Nigeria for quite some time. The numbers may look weird and I believe that is due to the reporting of specific regions in Nigeria versus all of Nigeria, so take that into account if you do go looking for more information.

The bombings in Sri Lanka happened just days after Notre Dame was burned and an attempted arson in the U.S. at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Many Christian churches have been burned in recent years and it’s estimated to be approaching a thousand in France alone. If you wonder how Christians could possibly be upset or think they deserve this ‘retribution’ for past crimes going back to the Crusades and Salem, well, I feel sad for you that you carry so much hate in your heart.

People should be free to practice their religion whether it be Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, Atheism, Hiduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Wicca, or whatever else. Killing people is not the answer to our differences. All that does is breed more hate and resentment and continue the cycle of hurt.

I don’t talk about religion often on here. I like to keep things light and non-denominational, but when something like this happens, I can’t sit by and say nothing.

They didn’t just stick to churches this time. No, they attacked hotels as well. The target could be anyone, regardless of faith, in the future. I think we all have a duty to condemn extremist acts such as this and those who perpetrate such crimes against humanity.


RIP Stan Lee


I was going to post something utterly different, but I just found out about Stan Lee and I can’t put any more words together right now.

RIP Stan Lee. You were an amazing creator and human. I hope you find Robin, Alan, and Chester.

I feel like someone has stabbed me in the heart.


Happy Legalization Day Canada!

If you want to wave the flag above, there are a number of places to purchase it including Amazon and Ebay. I borrowed this image from an Amazon seller named Ruffin Flag Company. Check it out here.

I hope everyone who partakes has a good day and a safe one. Don’t go to work high and don’t be an idiot when it comes to things like driving. Also, please don’t show up at the voting booth high next week.

Don’t forget to puff, puff, pass 😉


Canadians in Mourning


I don’t usually post on Sundays, but some things can’t wait.

The Canadian hockey world is in mourning this week and will be for awhile.

On Wednesday evening, Jonathan Pitre lost his battle with EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa).

Jonathan was well known to the Ottawa community as The Butterfly Boy. He was especially known to Senators fans. Jonathan suffered from a disease that made his skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. This included the skin inside his body like his mouth and throat. Faced with a life of excruciating pain and knowing that he would likely only live to about 20 years old, Jonathan devoted his life to trying to make people aware of his affliction. He was a huge hockey fan and a special member of the Senators family. He had such a positive outlook despite struggling to do the most basic things like swallow liquids. He was also an A student. He often refused opiods as he preferred the pain to having his mind dulled.

But Jonathan’s death isn’t the only reason hockey fans are mourning.

On Friday, tragedy struck in Saskatchewan when a bus carrying a Junior A hockey team aged 16-21 collided with a semi. Fourteen young people are dead and 14 are injured. There is a gofundme set up to help The Broncos team and their families through this difficult time.

And if you happen to be someone who prays, please pray for all the people and families we’ve lost this week.