Exhausted – ROW80 2019 R4-18

Friday was a hectic day as I took on a new role at work. I’ve been preparing for it for awhile, but there were some scenarios I didn’t have notes for. Thankfully, Friday was also the evening of our company holiday party and the woman I’m covering maternity leave for was there. I got clarification on a few things and I feel much more confident at this point.

That all being said, Friday had a few other things going on. I had to take my summer tires out of my car as I was driving my guest to the party too. I was worried I would break a nail while doing that. The tires went fine in terms of my nails, but they kept falling off of my cart because they are lighter than my winter tires. When I finally got them all put away, I hurt my thumb on a cardboard box of all things. I didn’t break my nail, but perhaps bent it, which is the only thing I can see as there was no blood or anything but pain.

Eventually, I was ready for the party except I didn’t have earrings that would go with my necklace, which meant I had to go to the mall. On Black Friday. I parked far away, so that I could leave the mall easier, but it was quite fresh outside as I was wearing a skirt for the party. I ended up getting six pairs of earrings because it was a Buy 3 Get 3 deal, so I have a few more options now.

Then it was off to pick up my friend. Uh-oh, wrong part of the highway over there, so I got stuck in traffic for awhile. And because I forgot to have lunch, I was quite hangry by this point, so that’s probably why I got off at the wrong exit later on thinking I was on the road I really wanted to be on. Except none of the landmarks I know were there. And I saw the other end of a street that I didn’t know went as far as it did. All this kind of freaked me the fuck out.

I made it to my friend’s after nearly an hour of getting lost, so I was glad to have a little moment to catch my breath. The drive to the party was smooth. We ended up there early though because the traffic was gone by that point. We both had a good time.

Other than feeling a bit crappy from too much Red Bull on Friday, Saturday was productive.

Today has been fairly productive too. I didn’t make it to martial arts, but I’m actually trying not to drive too much because my front tires are being replaced on Monday. Instead, I’m continuing getting myself organized for the rest of the year and hopefully into the next one.


I’ve got myself a new schedule, which includes daily exercise, meditation, learning, and fun.


I made progress on getting my Wave picture on the wall. I had to open it back up to fix the gravity issue. It wasn’t without a blood sacrifice and it wasn’t the best time to remember I need to buy band-aids. I now have a box of colourful ones as Canadian Tire only had children’s band-aids.

This weekend I dusted off my old planner and started retaking control of my life, which feels pretty good. I’ve been wasting a lot of time lately and have some goals I’d like to push forward on. This was partly instigated by a friend inviting me to a minimalist bullet journal group on Facebook. I even ordered myself some stickers! I’m now using my older journal as a home projects journal. I had tried to do everything in one journal back in those days and found myself constantly recopying everything to move them forward. I spend so much time planning, there wasn’t much for doing! My ideal schedule is in Google Calendar. I have a small Mead journal for my daily todo stuff and at-a-glance month plans like outings. The little one is the only one I’m taking with me these days.

It’s amazing how taking a few moments to plan can help me get more done.

My desk has been cleaned up. I’m aiming to get a monitor soon to make working from home easier, but I think it will also be helpful with writing. I’ll need a little dongle for my Surface though.


I am starting the chord-based way of learning piano. We’ll see how it goes. I spent less than what I was spending monthly on lessons to learn for many days to come.

  • Let It Be
  • Lean on Me
  • Jurassic Park


I’m about three quarters of the way through Stephen King’s Thinner. I’ve had to up my reading goal several times this year to see how many books I can actually get through in a year where I’m not in school. Most of my reading is done during my commute, so it doesn’t even impact the rest of my time, yet I’ve gotten further than I ever thought I would.

  • 2/3


I’ve moved Grim Ties off my to-do list for now as I want to just focus on Sparks. I’ve taken a little break this weekend and plan to get back at it next week.


  • 74,016/80,000