A Writing Post – ROW80 2019 R4-14/15

Oops. I forgot to post on Sunday… In my head, I hear Harry saying, “There’s no post on Sundays.” So it’s totally OK, right?

Anyway, work has been pretty heavy. There’s a milestone we reached on a project, but I will be largely leaving the bulk of the rest to the woman I’ve been training since August and someone who isn’t there yet as I’ll be taking over for a colleague for a year while she’s on maternity leave. I do know it will be nice to eventually be focusing on one role. I’ll get to trade some current headaches for different headaches and learn some new things. It’s been a bit stressful and draining trying to train for that while doing so much else, so I haven’t had as much energy as I’d like for writing and other things when I get home at the end of the day. And my mind has been overly wired while trying to remember all the things.

I had a major revelation about my own writing while reading Thinner by Stephen King. No, I’m not comparing my work to his in an unrealistic way. There were three things I noticed about my own. When reading my book, I noticed that it’s not immediately clear what genre it is. Uh-oh! That’s a pretty major issue. Item Two was that I’m way under-descriptive. That’s a place to get more words easily. Yes, one can describe too much, but I think an editor would rather have things to cut. And the third item is that he, like Danielle Steel, repeats things often. Not everything, of course, but anything that is important. He just finds a different way to say it. A character may repeatedly ruminate on their problem throughout the whole novel. I almost never repeat anything. Oh, I also noticed his opening was pretty awesome, so I reworked mine with all of the above in mind. Anyway, it feels like the book is coming together more now. It’s easier to see what needs to improve and have an idea of how to fix it. Hopefully I’ll have the energy for it soon.

Stephen King does this other funny thing where he pokes fun at himself in this book. “This isn’t a Stephen King novel. It’s real life!”


  1. Glider: 200 steps while I was just testing its new location. I also have a new plan to hop on it whenever I’m really frustrated.
  2. Martial Arts: I’m mainly going to practice at home until I get my snow tires on. I just feel better about minimizing my driving, especially on the highway, until then. But there is a seminar this weekend that I decided to go to.


I’m getting through my clutter. At least in my main area anyway. It’s not all gone, but I’m seeing less and less junk everywhere. I moved my coat rack to a spot that isn’t in my way. I cleaned off my TV stand. It’s getting easier in some places. I also cleared off my dining room table. This year it’s holding my little yule tree, which has several benefits that include keeping the tree out of the way while I continue decluttering. My glider also has a better place now. I’ve been moving all the remaining junk to one pile, so it’s easy to get to and parse through. I never thought I’d get here. I still have a lot more in my bedroom, but having the main areas nearly cleaned up is really helping my stress levels and making me feel like writing more.

My tires are in my car and an appointment is booked to change them. I should’ve done this sooner, but my original plan was December 1st before the snow jumped Ottawa in a back alley. I also put a proper lock on my storage unit.

I’m doing well on paying off my debt. My mortgage has been renewed. Everything seems to be getting better there.

  • Declutter: (Goal 15 mins/day) On average, I’m doing more than 15 minutes each day. I think I can call this a regular habit by now.
  • Paper: I’ve lost track, but I’ll be going through a ton of paper soon as I have mostly paper left to go through in my living room. I think my plan is to digitize the writing notes from the one file cabinet drawer, so the other important house related papers can go in the cabinet.


I have been doing a little here-and-there on this project.

  • 9,525/50,000


I really don’t enjoy playing Downtown Abbey. I want to learn rock and metal and it’s so far from that. Maybe I should try it with my distortion pedal.

  • Let It Be
  • Downtown Abbey
  • Lean on Me


I’ve finished David Christian’s Origin Story and I’m now working my way through Stephen King’s Thinner. I also read David Demchuk’s The Bone Mother, which was well worth it.

  • 2/3


I’ve been really motivated to work on this one.

  • 73,744/80,000