ROW80 2019 R4-2

Sorry for not posting for the first check in. I had to catch up on sleep because my neck has been acting up again.

I’ve only been off for a short while, but in that time I’ve gotten into some things.

I’ve been putting myself out there in the dating sense. Nothing fruitful thus far, but I’m trying.

Aside from my glider that lets me exercise while watching TV, I’ve also started learning how to use my portable gym. I haven’t used the glider extensively yet, but it’s fun and I feel tall while I’m on it.

My neck has been really sore, so though I didn’t want to spend money, I bought a new pillow. The first night was really good, but the neck pain doesn’t seem to be going away. It’s a good thing I’m meeting a new family doctor soon.

I finally joined Spotify and am making up a playlist with all the awesome bands I’ve been discovering lately and some old favourites. For now, I just have a free account. Maybe someday I’ll pay for unlimited songs and/or downloads.

I almost had Jury Duty, but the selection day was cancelled. Thankfully. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do any of the things I had planned for the month because of it!

Onto the actual goals update…


A short amount of time on my glider has engaged my muscles, so I think it’s going to be really helpful. It hasn’t bothered my ankles or my neck thus far.

  1. Glider: 600 steps
  2. OYO 10 Week Challenge: /70
  3. Martial Arts: So far, I’m sucking at this. I woke up last Sunday with the kink in my neck that still hasn’t left. I went and swung my sword today though and my neck is feeling OK, though I really shouldn’t do kata that have me rotate my head quickly to the left. I’m looking at you, Morote-Tsuki. The rest were good. Well, not that good. I messed up a lot until I remembered some steps, but I mostly self corrected. And I now make fun mistakes like start Morote-Tsuki as if it’s Ganmen-Ate and somehow fluidly correct it.


I’ve made some headway on the declutter. Lots to go still, but I have a big blue bin ready to leave my place and I’ve started filling a second one. I think my car can fit at least three easily at once, so that’s my short term plan there. I’ve had a ton of these bins around for years and while I’ve been storing things in them, they have also encouraged me to keep things I don’t need or even really want. Many of them are in my bedroom taking up space and though they are not in my main area, they are helping me clear junk from my main area too.

  • Declutter: 75/1,050 minutes (Goal 15 mins/day)
  • Paper: 124 pieces (1/day)
  • Bathroom: I have a makeup area in my bedroom now to clear the bathroom counter for this. It’ll also likely stay that way as I’ve always wanted a little dressing table. Good news, they fired the girl in the office who couldn’t seem to organize anything. I have renewed hopes for the plumber to come.


  • TBD


My new focus for piano is learning to make use of the pedal. It lengthens notes. What I only just learned was that the note will continue even if my hand comes off, so I can have time to prepare for moving my hand(s) as needed to another section of the keyboard. This is monumental! It’s also a lot to process and I’m doubtful I’ll have it down by my next lesson, but who knows?

  • Downtown Abbey
  • Lean on Me


I’m currently focusing on David Christian’s Origin Story. It’s a book about the history of everything starting with the Big Bang. I’m in the portion of the book where humans start farming.

  • 1/3

The Spark

I’ve finally broken through to the 73k and up word count. For awhile, I thought it would never happen. Other stories are nagging me to get back to them, but I’ve been pretty good at not letting them tear me away.

  • 73,244/80,000


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  1. Sorry your neck is painful. I hope it gets better soon.
    Looks like it did not keep you from making progress, though, so kudos!

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  2. Sorry about the neck issues. I’m sure that can mess just about everything else up as well. So, I think any progress is good progress.


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