ROW80 Round 4 – Goals Post

This round I will be reducing even further. This is because I expect this quarter at work to be extra demanding. I’ll have some definite goals and some if-I-can-fit-them-in goals.


The Spark

If I can manage 205 words three days per week, I will get to 80000. With editing, that is difficult as sometimes I’m cutting words. My actual session target in Scrivener is 250.


Downtown Abbey is going well. I will be continuing to practice at least 3 days per week on whatever I’m supposed to be learning. The next song we’ve agreed on is Lean on Me.


  1. Cardio: Instead of just watching TV, I’ll be using my new glider to fit cardio in while watching.
  2. OYO 10 Week Challenge: This is only 15 minutes a day.
  3. Martial Arts: 1 day per week.


One book per month. This shouldn’t be taxing as I usually read on the train to and from work.


Declutter: Continue the declutter. I’ve been making leaps and bounds since discovery Dana K. White. If I do about 15-minutes per day at a minimum, I think I can truly make the progress I’m wanting here now.



Bathroom reno: I’m hoping to cut my vanity in half, remove it, then get a plumber to do the rest.


I haven’t decided if I’m going to try and do it yet at all. I would really like to get back to The Blood Waitress Club, but I also really want to finish The Spark. A break from editing could help me feel refreshed though.

As far as the other goals from last round go, I’ll be continuing to improve my finances, but not reporting it here. I will not be working on French until next year as it will be too demanding.


1 thought on “ROW80 Round 4 – Goals Post

  1. Simple and efficient set of goals, I like that.
    About The Spark, I’m surprised you edit as you write. Maybe you could use NaNoWriMo to finish it by only writing in November and editing later?

    Anyway, have a nice round!


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