A Break

With ROW80 Round 3 having ended on Wednesday, I’m taking a short break from editing and focusing on cleaning my home. My desk is almost clean and I’m slowly making progress on the rest of the condo. We have somehow hit another heat wave despite it being September. I suppose I’d be fine with this if I hadn’t disconnected my air conditioner. I *could* put it back in, but I feel like that would be a lot of work for a couple of days of plus 30C. I’m more annoyed that things can’t stop pollinating.

We had our work golf social on Friday and my team and I did very well. Somehow I chipped in a birdie from about 50 yards. I think swinging swords is helping my golf game. That might seem odd because it’s a different way that you’re moving your body, but my martial art has helped me improve how much power I use when. I’d like to say my aim has gotten better, but I don’t think I was focusing on that nearly enough. Oh, I also drove my ball almost as far as one of my big and strong teammates! And I only lost two balls, which is unusual for me. My glove’s outer layer slaked off, so I’ll need to get a new one.

With the break in writing and editing of my books, I’m going to take a little break from blogging too. This will let me get ready for the next round of ROW80. It will also help me push forward on cleaning my home, which will help tremendously at staying stress-free at work because Q3 is usually heavy. So heavy that I’ll be temporarily stepping away from French learning. Anyway, you’ll find out about all that and more next Sunday when I declare my next round goals.