I was going to write a post yesterday. It was going to be focused on a writing topic. Alas, I didn’t finish it. And I felt pretty terrible after seeing a Facebook post of mine from 3 years ago where I’m talking about getting my home clean.

Yes, I’ve been trying to declutter for 3 years now.

Needless to say, I’m feeling quite discouraged about it. I sort of tried the Mari Kondo thing (too much ritual). I tried the monk thing (who has time for that?!). I tried the buckets method (home is worse). I’ve tried just sucking it up (motivation zero). Nothing has worked for long.

But there’s hope.

I discovered Dana White’s A Slob Comes Clean. She talks about things like the bucket method and how it seems to mess up the home more for some of us. She says it’s better to have a place for things and return them to the place they go as soon as we realize they aren’t where they should be. This is because we will get busy and forget to bring the bucket from room to room. Why do things need a place? To reduce the need to think about where to put it. It totally makes sense. So the more you do it, the easier it should get like any other task.

Also, to start with the easiest things. That builds up momentum.

I’m not sure what else. Her book is supposed to go through the psychology of why cleaning can be so hard. She calls it Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff. To me, the title alone suggests, “Hey, I know you’re super busy living life instead of spending all your free time cleaning.” I like that.

I ordered the book. I figured it was worth a try.


  • R. Card: 63%
  • S. Card: 49.9%
  • Student Loan: 7.76%
  • Savings: TBD


  • OYO: Not started.


  • Charlie et la Chocolaterie: 9/30


ROW80 Round 3 is almost over. During the period between writing rounds, I’ll be focusing mainly on my home.

  • Bathroom: Not Started
  • Paper: 81 pieces


My teacher put a check mark beside Let It Be, so I guess that means it’s done. I’ll keep playing it to get it even better and hopefully know it by heart soon. She mentioned filling it out more with more chords. I’m not really sure what that means.

  • Learn: Downtown Abbey
  • Learn: Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Practice: C Scale


I feel like I’ve done pretty well this week on my writing. I’ve added words. I also started tracking the word counts in each chapter, so I know where I may need to put more focus. All my beginning chapters are running short. I have gotten 555 words written so far this week! That’s more than I have in a long time. I might be frustrated by my home, but at least I’m writing?

  • The Spark: 72,748/80,000


3 thoughts on “Discouraged

  1. That books seems like a good idea!
    Have you considered embracing the cluttered place as part of who you are? Maybe it can get better but never perfect because you can’t be living and cleaning at the same time?

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  2. I look at decluttering as a process. If I wanted everything clean at once, it wouldn’t be sustainable (especially since I live with two other humans and a collection of companion animals who don’t always share my priorities).

    When I get discouraged, I think of where I was a year ago. It’s better now.

    It probably is for you, too – if for no other reason than that you’ve found some methods that don’t work for you.

    I’ve seen that book, and might give it a try myself.

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