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I’m feeling quite crafty lately. I painted some things. I’ve got the motivation to frame a puzzle that has been kicking around for quite some time. Of course, the motivation came after carrying a free piece of hotel art home. I’m not interested in the art inside, but the frame, glass, and matting are all expensive things. I read that I can paint matting, so I’ll be doing that to better match the puzzle. I’m pretty sore after carrying it for so long, but it’s going to be worth it. I just have to figure out how to take the backing off. Perhaps a hair dryer and if not, my heat gun?

I also dyed a coat I wasn’t wearing. It started as beige and now it looks like denim. I guess I didn’t stir it enough. I still like it far better than before. I’ve never been a beige Barbie type. I have a sweater I want to dye too, but I’ll need to get more dye for it.

I’ve also been playing around with my keyboard. I got a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal and have been checking which sounds distort well. Because I’m a geek, I went though and put a large chunk of the keyboard sounds and their matching numbers into a spreadsheet, so I can find them again easily.


  • R. Card: 63%
  • S. Card: 49.9%
  • Student Loan: 7.76%
  • Savings: TBD


  • OYO: Not started.


  • Charlie et la Chocolaterie: 9/30


I still have a ton of work to do around here, but I think just getting some small things done like dying that coat are giving me the morale to do more.

  • Bathroom: Not Started
  • Paper: 81 pieces


I’m super close on Let It Be. We talked about the speed that it should be played at. She said if I put 60 beats in a 2/2 instead of 4/4 I should have the right speed for the way it’s written in my book.

My teacher is pretty happy with how I’m progressing on Downtown Abbey. I can mostly play page one with both hands without the sustain pedal. So I need to focus on page two. Once I can play the whole thing with both hands together, I am to add the pedal. I expect after that I’ll be told to memorize it too because it’s a lot easier to add feeling and dynamics when you aren’t worried about the page. There’s a part of it that I commented to her that I thought was there to help train the ability to improvise. It looks fancy, but she said it’s actually just one chord. There’s another part with a rolled chord that is cool too.

Oh, I also got some velcro strips to attach my keyboard to its stand. No more smashing on the ground crap.

  • Memorize: Let It Be
  • Learn: Downtown Abbey
  • Learn: Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Practice: C Scale


I keep getting more ideas. Some even blow my own mind. But it’s hard to get them out of my head! I can get the idea written down, but it’s much harder to figure out where it belongs in the story.

I think I’m going to keep track of what I did in a week using the Project Targets feature in Scrivener because it looks like I only went up 20 words, but I did more work than that. This is one of the reasons I’m not fond of editing. I removed things, rewrote pieces, and wrote some new content, but because I started by lowering my word count, it seems like I didn’t do anything if I go by the numbers alone!

  • The Spark: 72,333/80,000


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  1. I really love the way you set out your posts! Good luck with the music. I love Let It Be.

    The place I’ve just moved into actually has room in the spare room for me to set my keyboard up permanently, and I’m pretty excited about that. I’m going to be pretty rusty, but playing again will be fun even if I’m not much good.

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