Friends and Family Weekend

This weekend was a good time to get away from the O-Town rush and spend some time in my hometown. I was actually able to leave early Friday morning and catch up with some former colleagues in the afternoon before a college bud had to scamper off to meet his wife.

On Saturday, I spent the late morning whacking some golf balls into the sky with my brother before we went out for sushi. The evening brought a visit with some cousins which ended a little earlier than it might have if we weren’t all getting older.

I caught up with an old high school friend on Sunday before family dinner. We walked through Laurier Woods for several hours before it was time to get back to town. After dinner, I got to spend some time on a pontoon boat with my oldest friend. I met her when I was a toddler and we’ve stayed in touch for the bulk of the 35 years that have followed. It would have been nice to get more time with her, but adult realities made that difficult.

Before heading home, I had lunch with some old colleagues and then I visited one who was off as he was finishing a house move. It was really great catching up with everyone!

With all the socializing, I didn’t do anything on my goals, though I did have some whacky dreams that could make for fun stories one day. I wrote them down. I also had time to think about a lot of things like what I want to do fitness wise, where I am at regarding my spirituality, and I made a plan for tackling the paper part of my declutter. It was good to have time to pause, breath, assess, and plan.


  • The Page & The Magician: 72,189/80,000


Hopefully, the trip home didn’t set me back too much.

  • R. Card: 73.22%
  • S. Card: 24%
  • OSAP Loan: 6.86%
  • Savings: TBD


I’m hoping to do winter golf training, which will give me salt water pool access as well. I’ll also eventually get the equipment I want for home, so I can be active while watching TV.


I’m mainly going to be continuing to clean up the space, but I have a new mini goal when I get to the paper. I figure if I deal with one piece a day whether it needs to be filed, shredded, thrown out, or digitized that’s really manageable and it’ll add up quickly. On average, 30 pages per month. Before I know it, I’ll have the paper under control despite the time I spend commuting and it shouldn’t be exhausting in the slightest.

I figured out what colour I’ll be wanting to paint my bathroom eventually. It’ll be a light yellow instead of the lime green someone thought should go with dusty rose tiles. I’ve never liked the green. There isn’t a lot of wall, so one can will likely do when I can get a plumber to put in some shut offs for my sink. I’m not in a rush, but I would definitely like to get the pieces out of my dining room and hallway someday soon.


I’ll be getting back to this really soon. Work is a bit hectic until the new temp starts. Once she’s trained up, I should be good to go on this.


My life is “Let It Be,” for the next few days. And the C Major Scale.