Pressured Progress

Well, I’ve been rather tired as of late and haven’t gotten as much done as I hoped. Until today anyway. I returned home after work to find a notice that my unit will be entered tomorrow for fire alarm testing. And that’s how my night has suddenly turned into nothing but cleaning.

Well, I managed to squeeze in a desperately needed haircut, but otherwise I’ve been cleaning non-stop save a brief dinner.

What I want to be doing right now? Knitting and watching Dirk Gently.

I’m quite annoyed because I work in procurement, so I know they likely have known about this for awhile as these things involve contracts and buildings typically have a regular schedule. They used to give us a week’s notice for things and lately it’s been more like this one day crap.

On the upside, I’m getting my place a lot cleaner in a short time frame, but it doesn’t mean I’m actually making the progress I want in terms of my declutter effort. I’m having to stow things away rather than properly sort through them 😦

I also learned that way too much of my condo runs on the same circuits. I’ll be saving up to have an electrician see if that can be remedied. I should go through and map it out as the panel is pretty much illegible.

Anyway, back to cleaning.


No progress here, but I stumbled across an interesting tidbit that I may try to use in the story.

  • The Page & The Magician: 72,189/80,000


Mainly status quo as I can only see one item easily.

  • R. Card: 73.22%
  • S. Card: 24%
  • OSAP Loan: 6.86%
  • Savings: TBD


I’m exploring keto recipes to give myself more options and stumbled on a miracle bread recipe involving “crazy dough” that can be used for pasta, pizza, cinnamon buns, and more. I’m hoping to try it out soon. I’ve lost about half a pound. Not amazing, but more than nothing!


More to do than I’d like, but it’s coming along. Maybe it’ll be in pretty good shape by September.


  • Read: 9/30
  • Class: I have heard back and need to take the next step.


I’m really sucking here. I’ll be trying to rapidly learn Let it Be next week…


2 thoughts on “Pressured Progress

  1. Looks like you got quite a push for cleaning. I can relate to how you stowed away because of the rush instead of properly sorting. I feel that’s all I’ve been doing since we moved house last year…
    Hope you get the electricity sorted out soon, this could be unsafe.
    Take care. (Bon courage !)

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  2. I did the stowing before we left for Baltimore, so that our dogsitters wouldn’t severely injure themselves getting in and out. (They’re friends, and I like them!) While it’s not the perfect declutter I was looking for, it was lovely to come home to less visual clutter (and Shannon did a deep clean on parts of my kitchen, and that looked AMAZING!).

    Sometimes one thing takes over. Sometimes it needs to. May you find pleasure in the increased tidiness, and time for the Other Things, too!

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