Petite Progress

It was time to dust off my laptop after one too many times having my Microsoft Surface separate itself from its keyboard. The Surface is good for some things, but I don’t generally have to worry about my laptop’s screen taking a hike suddenly. It took awhile for it to fully synchronize with Dropbox and even longer to Update Windows, but it’s back up and running.

It has been a bit of a nostalgia trip. Some of the recent blog posts on this laptop were from 2017 around the time I heard back from a publisher that they liked my book, but felt it needed a little more work. Also on the laptop was the confirmation from when I applied to college.

It’s easy to lose site of how much has happened in a short while when in the midst of it. I was restructured out of my job only 3 years ago, but I went through a lot in that short period. I spent so much time worrying I’d end up homeless and skipped a lot of meals to save money for bills in that time.

I regularly feel impatient that my home isn’t clean yet, but I only started really making an effort a couple of months ago and I was spending much of my free time job hunting, so I wasn’t 100% devoted to it. I guess I’m hard on myself sometimes. There’s just me cleaning it up and I’m working full time plus writing. I should focus more on that I’m making huge strides and not just on the end goal.

It seems a lot like writing a novel really. I often just want the thing to be done and out there for people to read, but the journey is important and may even be more than the result. I find myself getting caught up in the hoped end result all the time though. It seems someone I know always has their next book coming out and I haven’t gotten my first out yet. I know it’s not a race. The only thing I should be focused on is making my work better than what it was the day before.

I’ve started this new bin method I got from The Spruce. So far, I like it. It’s helpful to gather the smallish items that get everywhere easily like pens or tape. It gives them a place to be while I figure out if they should be in my home at all too. And I have a handy bin to carry multiple items back into the room they belong in. I’m using dish bins from the dollar store as they aren’t too big or too small. And I added a small one with compartments for the little things like screws, nails, and paperclips. The ‘Put Away’ bin fills up quickly though!


I haven’t done anything here this weekend. It’s a long weekend in Canada for most and I’ve been using my extra time to clean.

  • The Page & The Magician: 72,189/80,000


Status quo for now.

  • R. Card: 73.22%
  • S. Card: 4.7%
  • OSAP Loan: 6.86%
  • Savings: TBD


It turns out that postponing the gym has been a great decision. It’s freed up my mind for writing. The cleaner my home gets, the more the ideas flow. And I feel happy more often.


It has been an exhausting weekend filled with cleaning. I took a big box to donation on Saturday, bought a cabinet that was on sale for my bedroom, and cleaned up a new spot for my microwave. I’m seeing more floor all the time, but I feel like I’m playing Tetris with my furniture! I also swept my balcony and put an old table out there that I saved from the garbage room last year. Ideally, I’d like a nice folding set like I saw on someone else’s balcony as it would be easier to store come winter. Someday. Next year more likely.

This week I intend to:

  • Clean up my desk as I’m working from home on Monday.
  • Catch up on laundry.
  • Catch up on dishes.


  • Read: 9/30
  • Class: I have heard back and need to take the next step.


I’ve been playing a little more piano because it’s easy to get to. Not enough though. I did realize I could practice my fingering in the early morning without turning it on. I definitely need to do a lot more left hand work.