With a big change to my daily routine, it’s been hard to focus on things like writing, so I really didn’t this week. My schedule is still in flux in other areas, but I’m working on it.

I installed my air conditioner in my bedroom on Friday as I needed it to survive the plus 40 C humidity. I had to go buy tape in order to finish it, so I stopped by the sushi place as a little celebration of finishing my first week back at work. I changed up what I usually get by reducing the amount of rice some. I feel good about that change.

I started tracking my food in an app. The first one I tried, I got rid of pretty quick when I realized all the calories were wrong and it forced me to eat more food than I need to. Every item it reported as less than they actually are. Bad! Also, I swear they focus too much on the wrong things. Yes, I’m a woman. But I’m a woman who is under 5 foot tall and I am trying to lose weight. If I’m not active in a day, I really don’t need a ton of food. It made me eat until I was bloated just to fill it’s own metric claiming I wouldn’t have had enough calories to function properly. The “strange” thing is that when I ignored it the other days, my digestion improved and I felt great. I’m now using MyPlate and it seems accurate and doesn’t try to force me to do anything. It also doesn’t tell me to eat more because I did a little exercise. I can just eat extra if I’m hungry instead and have less if I’m not hungry, which I think is a much better model.

I was thankful when the extreme heat broke last night and I could air out my place as I couldn’t get the main part of my condo to cool down. Today, I’m working on catching up on dishes as it’s been too hot to run a dishwasher until today. I was also able to use the stove and have some leftovers for weeknights.

And I tried a new church today. It was a little overwhelming as the sermon was about a lot of the things I’ve been struggling with over these last few years. Plus my allergies have been bad too. It was good though. The group has a decent amount of people around my age. It’s also really close to home and they like playing music. There were a lot of friendly faces and at least one from my building. My nose was running, so I didn’t stick around after. Next time!

I got a few things today like a cute blue dress that was on clearance for $9. I’m going to add some ties to it as it’s currently pretty shapeless, but I’ve been having trouble with the ones that zip up the back lately. I either can’t contort my body to reach enough or it gets caught on itself while zipping. They need to make more side zip dresses in my opinion.


I’ve done virtually nothing here. Though I did get inspired by a weird encounter at my library while trying to return some learning materials. I’ll be adding a scene when I remember which chapter it fits in. I have a NOTES tab in Scrivener for those things that need placement.

Since things have changed on the music front, I expect I’ll have more time to just come home and write at the end of the day most of the time though, so I’ll be kicking butt here soon.

I’m thinking about a major change to the setting. There was a companion story published, but it’s not like there are a lot of copies out in the world. I could also revise that and re-release it at a later time. Or that could just be a fun little trivia bit about the story.

  • The Page & The Magician: 72,051/80,000


This week is my first pay week! I’m looking forward to this job and the ability to do a little more than just surviving.

  • OSAP Loan: 3.17%
  • Savings: TBD*

*My adviser and I will meet again in the fall to get things rolling here.


  • Gym: 0/3*
  • Iaido: I skipped out today. I wasn’t feeling great.

*I’m going to ask about this stuff this week as we get a small fitness incentive.


I tackled my shredding, which has been a long time coming.

My tires are currently in my living room, which isn’t ideal, but I had to move them to get my air conditioner. I might as well leave them here until I can get them on my car because they’re not fun to move around repeatedly.

  • Declutter: This weekend I’ve gotten rid of:
    1. bras that don’t fit
    2. a storage container I emptied out
  • Bathroom: Nothing yet.


  • Read: I’ve read 9 chapters while waiting for my equipment and accounts to be available.
  • Class: I’ll look into this this week too.


  • Piano: I’ve decided to try and go back to my old school as the lessons are half the price and they can also teach me the stuff I want and have the same other opportunities once I’m not such a newbie to the instrument. Scheduling was too difficult at the new one and I don’t have a lot of time to monkey around.


2 thoughts on “Unsettled

  1. A lot is going on here! With the new job and everything, it’s no wonder you didn’t find time to actually write but you still got that extra scene! Bien joué ! 😉

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    • Merci! Sorry for not responding to these last two comments sooner. I think my app wasn’t updated for some reason. And you’re totally right. I just went back to work this month, which is a major lifestyle and schedule change, so I shouldn’t feel too bad that my writing has taken a backseat while I get used to getting up in the morning and spending the day working. I’ve been pretty intellectually tired by day’s end, so decluttering and chores have been mostly what I can handle. I’m also going to work earlier than before, so I can have more evening time available for writing and piano eventually. It’s slowly getting better now that it’s the end of the month.


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