ROW80 – Round 3 – Goals Post

This round, I’m mostly reducing in order to improve my focus. I will to stick to one writing project. It’s easier to stay immersed in the story’s world that way and to get into a routine. I’m putting my project management skills to work some by treating other activities like my declutter effort as a project.


The Page & The Magician: 72,027/80,000* – I intend to focus on this novel and nothing else for awhile. I let myself get caught up in other things and didn’t get where I wanted with this one.

*Hey, my progress is a palindrome!


OSAP Loan: 3.17% – Since my car is pretty much paid off (there’s 1.5 payments left), I’ll be focusing on paying this loan off.

Savings: TBD – I’ll be putting in a plan shortly with my new financial adviser for retirement savings.


Gym: 0/3 – With my home in declutter mode, it has been hard to find space to workout, so I’m heading back to the gym soon. The gym is near home and will be very close to the train station if the L.R.T. ever gets completed. I plan to get a bike soon and it’s a reasonable biking distance for me on nice days. I lost my Fit Bit yesterday, but with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite out I’ll be walking plenty! It feels good to be getting back to a healthy routine. I’m aiming to go to the gym 3 times per week, but I won’t be keeping a count of attendance. Instead, I’ll be logging what I did in terms of the activities and the repetitions. That way I can track whether or not I’m improving.

Iaido: Of course, I’ll be continuing martial arts. I don’t know how often I’ll make Tuesday classes since they run late. The body needs time to calm down after working out to get proper rest. I will fit in practice at home on Tuesday, which can be done before dinner. Like the gym above, I intend to track how many repetitions I do of kihon (fundamentals).


Declutter: I’ll be continuing this effort. Other than chores, this is my main goal for my home. One of the wild things I’m doing? Changing out my closet doors for curtains. The doors don’t allow full access to the closets and it’s been frustrating me for way too long. This may be more complicated in the bedroom as I need something sound deadening, but I’m looking forward to being able to fully access both of my closets. I’ve already done the hall closet and it was so easy to clean up the area after that I couldn’t help but do it! The area feels bigger now too.

Decor: Eventually, I plan on changing my living room furniture as what I have hasn’t been working for me. I also want more pictures of loved ones above my desk. I even made a little project plan for this effort. It includes tasks for the declutter too.

Bathroom: This will be continued a little bit at a time. There’s no real rush, though I’d like to get to the point where I have space for my new vanity even if it isn’t hooked up because it’s in my tiny hall right now.


Read: 12/211 – I’m reading Charlie et la Chocolaterie for the summer.

Class: TBD – I intend to jump into more lessons at some point once I know what’s happening with my workload at work.


Books: 4/8 – I’m halfway through my Goodreads Reading Challenge, so I’d like to move that forward. I’ve started reading Essentialism.

Screenplays: 0/3 – I want to read at least one screenplay per month. That’s not much, but it’s more than I have been doing.


Piano: 0/3 – Learn 3 songs by heart. This might change as I’m reaching out to a music place to ask about lessons.


2 thoughts on “ROW80 – Round 3 – Goals Post

  1. I love these goals! I can just feel how they are feeding a better life for you.

    Last fall, my son tore out my closet for me, and I got an antique armoire. I’ve always wanted one, and I’m not a big clothes person. Without another person sharing my closet, the living space was more valuable. Now if I can just get that safe out that’s bolted into the corner….

    Best of luck and progress for the round ahead! =D

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  2. Nice set of goals. Besides being a palindrome, your word count is also very close to your target!

    I’m with Shan on the feeling your goals are helping you live better. =)

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