Seminar Recap

It was wonderful seeing my friends though I was kind of stuck in my head for part of the trip.

One thing that was really good is that I was more prepared for sore feet this year. Also, going with fewer, but larger bags turned out better as we ended up in the section without the elevator and having to lug things up four flights was not something anyone wanted to do more than needed.

I drank a little much the one night, so I can’t remember all of the conversations with Mansfield Sensei from the UK and he had a lot of wisdom to share. I’m sad about this. A lesson learned for the future.

I took a number of notes on katas that were small changes with large ripple effects in terms of my own understanding.

I’m reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma right now. It talks about how most people spend much of their days ruminating on the same things as the day before. And how being stuck in a loop won’t get you to where you want to go.

At the seminar, we were told to stop settling for limited iaido when we can have so much more. It was a moment when martial arts learning directly applied to life. In the martial arts context, too many are doing things too literally to the book whether or not it actually would work in a real situation.

It now has been wondering how often I am doing things in life just because it is the way others do it. How often am I settling for less without reason to?

Goals Update


  • P.A.N. Pilot: Submitted!*
  • Horror Short Story: 433/7,000 words [Due: June 30]
  • Horror Script: Waiting for the next phase.
  • The Page & The Magician: 71,993/80,000 words
  • Puppy Chow Script: Revision not started.
  • The Blood Waitress Club: 24,092/80,000
  • The Mockumentary Script: 10/120 minutes
  • Artos Red Script: 2/120 minutes

*It feels fantastic to have finished something as it has been awhile!


  • Bathroom Door: 100%*
  • Dishes: 95%
  • Laundry: 80%
  • Entrance: 80%
  • Recycling: 90%
  • Mirrors: 3/7

*The door has been trimmed and hung. It isn’t hanging level and I need to make another alteration at some point, but I’m calling it done for now!


  • Online: 25/30 hours
  • Class: 24/30 hours*
  • Buy French K.I.S.S.

*I got 49/60 on the practice exam, which I hadn’t studied for!


  • Car Loan: 99.97% paid off.
  • OSAP Debt: 3.16% paid off.
  • Mortgage: 14.81% paid off.


  • Yoga – 0/3 (Wed, Fri, Sat)
  • Iaido – 1/2 (Sun, Tue)
  • Walking – 1/7 (Daily)
  • HIIT – 0/2 (Mon, Thu)


  • Piano: Chopsticks
  • Trumpet: ?


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