ROW80 Midweek Check-In – April 24, 2019

I miss the days when the news in this country was simply that a moose had gotten into someone’s pool or a tree frog had somehow gotten into Northern Ontario. It’s back to my regularly scheduled posting for the time being. Hopefully for many days to come.

Also on Easter weekend, I got my first sunburn and became a tomato raccoon for a time. I was quite tired after that. The Internet says I was probably dehydrated and that was the cause of the tiredness. The burn was the result of seeing an old friend, one I’ve known since my toddler years, so I’m not upset about it. It’s at the peeling stage now and it’s pretty bad. I’m glad I can hermit while it’s doing this.

The trek back to Ottawa was a long one as Highway 17 has flooding along it on the North Bay side, so it was closed. This was made all the more annoying by Google Maps insisting I should go that way. It would automatically change on me and gave me no mechanism to say the route is closed off. There was another way passed Redbridge, but the road was blocked just before Mattawa, so I couldn’t take that way either. Unfortunately, there is only one other way, which is through Algonquin Park. This was supposed to add 80 minutes to the trip, but it was longer than Google predicted. I tried to look at it positively because I had never seen the park, but it’s not the best time of year to be going through there as most things aren’t in bloom yet, so there wasn’t much beauty to make up for the extended timeline. I did get a good jump scare out of a park worker though when I stopped to ask where I could find a washroom. Maybe it’ll spark some writing eventually.

Otherwise, I’m on an organizing kick. Maybe I really will get this home cleared of clutter. I’ve even been matching up my jewelry into sets. I’m also pondering on getting a proper closet organizer for my bedroom. That will be a little later though. I want to better organize my sewing notions too. I even want to organize my martial arts notes…

Yesterday, I put a shelf up. It was once in my living room and had been earmarked for my bathroom for ages now. I finally got around to it. It was supposed to go in a different spot, but wouldn’t fit. Where it is now though, it also covers over holes and means less repair work for me. Though, I think I’m going to plug those anyway to help keep pests away. There is one less thing kicking around the hallway. Speaking of which, I put up a cabinet as well, so that’s another thing not in my hallway. I think I pulled a muscle near my ribs on that one though.

I also got some painting done and have done some job searching, so I’m feeling decently about my week thus far though I need to get on my French homework, writing, and resume writing. I need resumes for the jobs I’m going to apply for and the upcoming job fair. I want to attend a 2-day course, but it’s happening during French and the job fair. This always happens to me. I can’t be in multiple places at once, but I’d sure like to be!

With everything else, I haven’t really gotten anywhere measurable on my goals, so I’m going to end this here and get at them.


9 thoughts on “ROW80 Midweek Check-In – April 24, 2019

  1. I feel like the quest to conquer clutter never ends! Gretchen Rubin has a new book on the subject, Outer Order, Inner Calm, that I’m hoping to read soon. I feel like I’m getting closer, one drawer, one room at a time, to where I’d like things to be, but now I have boxes of random stuff everywhere. Books to donate to the library, random items to take to the thrift store, etc.

    Good luck with the rest of your week! I hope you’re feeling better. πŸ™‚

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    • I think we all have been conditioned to think we need more than we do and that plays a big role in this clutter battle. Media constantly tells us to buy things to feel better about ourselves. But the less we have, the less time we need to spend maintaining it.


  2. I have to agree with Denise: decluttering is like an endless journey… But it does feel better when you manage to get rid of things you don’t need anymore!

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  3. I agree with you all, but do you have advice for how to let go of things (books, clothes, kitchen implements, or fill-in-the-blank), that you no longer use or wear but still like to have around for the memories ‘it’ brings? Hope that sunburn continues to heal, Raeanne, and that the job search/fair goes well.


    • I think you have to know yourself well. I can usually eventually admit to myself that something isn’t adding value to my life or the future I want and holding onto it is keeping me in the past. Some people take a picture. Others make quilts, which I’m doing with my high school theatre shirts. Books are hard as writers, but I find I can get rid of ones if I’ve read them and didn’t enjoy them enjoy to reread them.


      • Hello again, Raeanne. I like to tell myself that every decade has its own unique challenge. Perhaps this quest for balance between things and ideas is different for every person as it is for every decade. I’m quilting too, but from my fabric stash, for I find quilting a relaxing occupation that balances writing. Have a great week! Maybe even declutter a little more!

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  4. Sorry about your sunburn 😦 but at least that’s a sign of nicer weather to come.
    I feel you on the organizing kick. That’s also one of my go-to’s when I should be writing πŸ˜‰ Problem is, after I end up organizing everything, it gets all dis-organized again the minute I start another project. πŸ™‚
    Here’s hoping you manage to get back on track with your goals.


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