ROW80: R2 Check – 2019-Apr-3

On Monday, I got my door. I was stressing so much about how to bring it home. That’s part of the reason I didn’t buy it until this week. It turns out, I was fretting over nothing because it fit inside my hatchback. Getting it home turned out to be the easy part.

Moving it from the car into my unit was an adventure. I got it out of the car easily enough, but it was heavier than my dolly and the wind made everything a pain in the butt. Did you know ratcheting tie downs aren’t put together already when you buy them? Well, maybe some are, but the ones I got were not. So, well I was trying to attach the tie down to itself, the dolly fell and the door bounced, narrowly missing some dog poop. I’m just under five foot tall and the door is around six-and-a-half feet tall. The wind fought me as I reconfigured my dolly and eventually got the door on it once again.

The door is pine, so one side is marred now. That will be the side facing into the bathroom. I was thankful that someone helped me get through our building doors. It wasn’t bad once in my unit, though it did try to fall again.

I drilled the holes for the rollers. I cut the metal track to size and painted it. I began painting the panels on the side facing into the bathroom as I am using those for some art.

On Tuesday, I got the stain for the door and began staining it. I had to return one stain because my whitewash is latex. I got a new latex stain tinted the colour of weathered wood. I put the grey coat on last night, but one spot dried too fast, so I’m not sure what to do with it. Perhaps leave it and put extra whitewash on it? I’m also thinking the outline of the panels on the back needs to be a different colour. Perhaps grey to match? I’ll be painting the insides of the panels as if it’s art hanging on the door.

It’s my first time staining anything and I read pine can be weird to stain because it absorbs it differently than other woods. I’m hoping the white will cover some of the problem areas well. This is the same thing that happens to me with any kind of drawing or painting art. This middle stage where it just looks like hell and can’t possibly be turned into something good. I suppose writing is like that too…

Goals Update


I started out strong after class one and got a solid hour of the online work in. I’ve been watching French TV shows and listening to bilingual radio. My door has got me a little off track for more hours this week, but I knew this week would be me settling into my new schedule. My door shouldn’t be much longer and then my other home tasks can be done at a more leasurely pace. I need to do 3 hours minimum online each week. I’ll get it done. I want to be getting more than that in on the regular though. That way it will get done without causing me stress and I can learn more in Level One than is necessary, which pushes me closer to bilingual.


I’ve done a paltry amount of writing this week, but as I said earlier, it will be happening very soon. When my door is done, I’ll feel a lot better.


I need to get a couple more documents together for my taxes. I hope I can remember my school login. Then it’s gathering hydro bills. I’m not in a huge rush in case I have to pay. I’d rather pay closer to the end of the month if that’s the case. I shouldn’t have to, but one never knows.

Martial Arts

With my door, I’ve been too sore to go. I’ll get back there soon. I’m aiming for next week on that.


Other than my door, I’m still way behind on laundry and such. It won’t last though. I’m committed to conquering my home. I’m loving my new Ryobi ONE+ drill. Because of gift cards, I haven’t spent that much on my door adventure, which is nice.


I have some leads in this area that I’m working on. I’m not rushing as I have a couple of things I’d like to get done around here like this door and I found it too hard to be working somewhere with a two-hour daily commute and doing renos as a single person while building a writing career. Anyway, I’ll be following up with one such lead later today to see if it’s a fit or not.

Well, I guess that does it for today.

2 thoughts on “ROW80: R2 Check – 2019-Apr-3

  1. Quelle aventure, cette porte!
    (Shall I drop some French in the comments to give you extra practice?)

    Looks like that door got the most of you and kept you from most of your goals these past days. In terms of symbolism though, starting the round with a door is nice. ^^


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