Head Stuff

I’m not feeling so hot tonight. Actually, that’s part of it. The weather has been changing drastically over the past few days. It’s now that time of year where it’s quite cold in the morning, but easy to be over-dressed by the evening. It’s both a blessing and a nuisance. Happy first day of Spring!

I have a headache and it’s probably due to the combination of not sleeping well last night, being startled awake at 3:15 AM for a fire alarm that was on just long enough to get us out into the hallway before it being turned off, the caffeine I needed for this morning’s meeting that turned into me presenting on the spot, the stress that comes with it being 7 work days until the end of my contract, and just being generally worn down.

Ah well, I got a bit of cleaning done despite the headache. I also got some spaghetti sauce cooking in my instant pot. I tweaked the recipe some to be closer to what I remember of my brother’s recipe. I’m also not cooking the pasta inside this time because it was a little overcooked before and clumpy. Maybe I have a hunger headache too? If so, that will be fixed soon.

Update: Food and wine have taken care of the headache. Perhaps Netflix as well. The sauce is still a work in progress. It is a little too watery.

Goals Update


  • French starts the day after my contract ends. I think I have everything I need for it. I have a duotang, writing implements, dictionary, and bescherelle. I’ve also been using Memrise.


  • I’m plugging away at my projects a bit each day. I will have extra time soon on these. My top two projects right now are my fantasy romance novel and what I will call a horror short. I need to increase my novel’s word count to submit it. A troubled stranger gave me some ideas in exchange for my ear. I hope he figured out his situation.


  • I am sucking here, but I’m also focused on…


  • I haven’t lined up my next position yet. I’m a little worried, but it might be for the best. I’ll let you all know what the next adventure is. In the interim, I have taxes, cleaning, French, writing, and some relaxation to keep me busy while I’m applying for jobs.


  • I also have a few things other than cleaning that I’m hoping to get done soon. I did make a little progress on the cleaning tonight, which makes me happy. Or maybe that’s the wine 😉