So it’s my last week of work. We had our monthly meeting today and everyone got a bit mushy about me leaving. Me most of all.

I have 4 days left and I don’t know what’s next.

Well, I know a few things are on my to-do list as follows:

  1. Taxes.
  2. Apply for EI.
  3. Continue decluttering my home.
  4. Finish draft one on the horror project.
  5. Expand The Page & The Magician.
  6. Tweak and rename Puppy Chow.
  7. Maybe some banking. Definitely some budgeting.
  8. Catch up on sleep, chores, and whatever else I’m behind on.
  9. French class.
  10. Work on other writing projects.
  11. Get back in with my job coach.
  12. Apply for jobs.

I’m sure there is more, but I definitely won’t be bored.

And though I’m sad to be leaving, I’m going to enjoy sleep and a break from the commute.