Slow and Steady

I’m behind this week on my posting. Sorry. There’s been a lot of personal stuff to deal with lately, which is making me exhausted. On the upside, I’ve refined some of my goals.

The Page & The Magician: I want to get this one up to 80,000 words minimum to meet a publisher’s requirement. They almost never take less and I’m not stupid enough to think that I’ll be the exception. I was fearing how to do this without screwing up the flow and plot. I ended up at a cafe on the weekend and ran into a young man who was having a terrible day. He chose to open up to me. Lucky for him I have a social work diploma. Anyway, long story short, I was able to help him figure out what he should do and he gave me some ideas for my writing predicament.

Shads: I made a lot of progress on this screenplay this weekend, so I’m pretty happy about that.

The Blood Waitress Club: There has been no movement on this one, but there definitely will be soon. I want to finish my current draft and get it to beta readers.

Home: My cleaning is coming along nicely. I’m sad I have no idea where the missing puzzle piece is to my completed Wave puzzle. I think it was sticking up too much and I removed it and put it somewhere “safe.” I suppose I’ll have to try and make a new one out of putty or cardboard and paint it to match.

French: I’m doing some online reading and learning as many words as possible. I’m currently going through anything I can find for free that is at the ultimate beginner level. I take about 5 little kid books, write down the words I don’t know, find their meaning, then use them in sentences with other words I know to try and get them into my brain. I’ve learned la perruche, le gland, le maillot de bain, and a few others this week. I have an idea there is a better name for a swimsuit than that in Canada, but at least I have something more than swimsuit to use.

Martial Arts: I’m sucking hardcore at this one. I’ve just had too much else going on and the constant weather changes are making my tendons angry. I’ll be glad when winter is over.

Music: I haven’t been doing enough of this. I think I need to revise my schedule as it’s too packed and I’m getting way less done than I had hoped to. Maybe I just think that out of impatience though.

Gaming: I’m slowly getting this into my schedule. I found a game I’m liking right now, which is Overlord II. You have minions and the goal is to be evil. It’s got a dungeon crawler feel, which I like very much. My gaming credibility is important if I ever hope to write for one. Also, they are a fun way to de-stress. I realized recently that I don’t really like Assassin’s Creed. I felt like a bit of a gamer failure because of that, but my friend Jagtress counseled me through that. You can find her Facebook page here, which links to her blog and her Twitch channel.

Reading: I haven’t done enough of this either.

The new WordPress Online editor is fun. I should have tried it sooner!

Well, I’m off to work on The Blood Waitress Club.