A Case of the Mondays

full moon

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

Did you know that Monday is named after the Moon? This particular Moon Day is following a lunar eclipse with a blood moon. It’s also Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. It’s called that because it’s typically when everyone gets the credit card bills that have their Christmas time expenditures on them.

In Ottawa, we’re experiencing colder than average temperatures with wind chill making it feel like -36 Celsius. Back home around 4 AM today it felt like -45. And I heard it felt like -50 in Timmins, Ontario today.

But I finally found dairy-free yogurt that doesn’t taste something that shouldn’t be eaten (Daiya) or like alcohol (Yoso). It’s Silk plain yogurt. I mixed it with some berries and a little maple syrup and it was yummy. Only the barest hint of coconut flavour was found. I’ll probably try it out as a sour cream substitute sometime too.

Back to the cold. This morning’s commute was awful. We got both frigid temperatures and a snow storm yesterday and the sidewalks still haven’t been plowed in many places, which made the walk effortful. In addition to this, I waited for the bus for more than 20 minutes in this cold. My feet wanted to mutiny. I seriously wondered if I was getting frost bite.

But I’m thankful I found yummy yogurt.

Goals Update

I’ve mainly been focusing on getting a job and cleaning my home. My writing table has been cleared off once more and I’m enjoying writing this post in a more ergonomic position than I have been lately. I blame the allure of the couch and lap desk on my sore neck.

I feel like my interview went well. I have another one this week for the same position at a different site. I’m a little worried. Who wouldn’t be? But all I can do is keep trying to line up my next position.

I hope everyone is staying warm and remembers that Blue Monday is almost over. You can have Taco Tuesday tomorrow to help you feel better 😉


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  1. It just started snowing here this morning — a few flakes, nothing like that punishing cold you have. Stay warm! Stay positive about that job hunting. When you least expect it, a door opens. Truly! May the week ahead be very good to you!

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