Year End Goals Post

The other day, I couldn’t log into my blog, so I posted on my Facebook instead. Here’s that post:

I can’t access my blogs right now for some reason, so I’ll post here for now.

I’ve been running myself ragged as of late, so it’s no surprise that I caught a cold shortly after getting my flu shot.

Recently, I worked on a short documentary called Bash-Full, which will be screened at Digi60 later this month in Ottawa. I acted in it and used my writing skills to help get it to fit the time limit.

Other things accomplished in 2018:

– Completed a graduate certificate in Scriptwriting with Honours.
– Read 7/10 books.
– First drafts of two plays.
– A revitalized website.
– Transcription work.
– Resume work.
– Restructuring of my business.
– A new job.
– A new relationship.
– A summer internship.
– Several short screenplays.
– Acted as an extra in several productions.
– Renovated my living room.
– Began decluttering my home.
– Took on my first martial arts student.

There may have been other things, but those are the major items. I’m not sure I achieved everything I wanted to, but there were several surprise opportunities along the way.

I’m excited to see what 2019 will bring!

Here is a snapshot of my plans for 2019. It doesn’t include the things I’m sworn to secrecy on, the things I’ve yet to stumble upon, or the things that are in a loose discussion stage, but it’s a decent picture of my thoughts of the year ahead.

One thing I’m not going to do is say that it will be “my year,” as I’ve said that every year and it’s getting a bit silly. I think I’m just going to aim to do my best in everything as a budo practitioner should.

– French: I will learn all the most common words and phrases this year.
– Iaido: I will regularly practice and challenge Sandan.
– Career: I will get a new job after this contract finishes.
– Home: I will finish decluttering and fix up my bathroom.
– The Blood Waitress Club: I will complete a first draft.
– Puppy Chow: I will search for a producer.
– Reading: I will read 8 books or more.
– Business: I will make products for my online store.
– Crisis: I will revise Crisis and enter it into contests.
– Trumpet: I will get my embouchure back.
– The Page & The Magician: I will query agents.
– Relationships: I will work on developing more close friendships and make time for my relationship.
– Self Care: I will find time for pampering myself.

Several of these are already in progress.

It’s with a heavy heart that I say I’m probably going to be posting only once or twice a week. I need more time to get things done.