Frisky Friday – Tree What?


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So… Um… There’s a subset of pornography featuring trees.

Things you probably never wanted to know. Or maybe you do, but I’m going to leave that search to you.

How do I know about it?

I typed ‘tree sex’ into Google.

I don’t know why I didn’t think about that before I did it.

Of course, I’m not shocked. There seems to be a fetish for everything these days.

Anyway, I thought it would come up with that scene from Evil Dead. Nope.

Or maybe some article talking about how great sex is in a tree house.

Or even how it could be romantic to have sex under a tree.

Apparently, there’s a 5,000 year old Yew tree in Perthshire, Scotland that changed sex in the last 3 years. Or at least part of it did. This is supposedly quite a common thing in trees.

If you feel like a read tonight, this post goes in depth about how trees only have sex through other animals.