Frisky Friday – Teeth in the Bedroom


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All right readers. I don’t know if you’ve been excitedly anticipating this one, but here goes.

There are a few ways to use teeth in the bedroom.

For some people, a bite in just the right spot can be a mega turn on. Wondering where? Shoulders, bums, and the nape of the neck. Given that nipple clamps are a thing for some, there might be a gentle way to nip, but I’d be careful with that one.

This should go without saying, but just in case, never use teeth during oral sex unless your partner asks for it.

If you’re wondering about braces in the bedroom, check this link out.

There’s also a couple of fetishes involving teeth. Seriously, some people love looking at teeth THAT much. I can’t help but wonder if they’re dentists…

And, um, there’s also toothless oral…

In Canada, we’re heading into a long weekend known as May 2-4.

Lots of play time if you want it 😉