Frisky Friday – Super Sex


Image created using Bitmoji

I hear there are debates that go on about how sex might be with a superhero.

Superman – Faster than a speeding bullet. Sperm like a bullet. You’ll probably die on impact.

Harley Quinn – If you’re not the Joker, her heart won’t be in it, so expect to be disappointed.

Bruce Banner – Don’t make him angry.

Jean Grey – Either tender or death.

The Joker – Really wild, but you probably won’t arrive because it was all a joke to him.

Catwoman – She’s probably flexible, but she’ll just use you.

Ironman – Tony is all about himself so you’ll probably be disappointed.

Wonder Woman – Prepare to be submissive.

Wolverine – He’ll probably ghost you unless your name is Jean Grey.

Poison Ivy – Itchy or a lot of bondage. Maybe both.

Cyclops – You might die. Things happen and it would only take a second for his glasses to come off unexpectedly. Also, who does it with their glasses on anyway?