Make It Monday – Preparations

bitmoji_goalsAs semester two begins tomorrow, I’ve been spending a lot of time this weekend preparing for it by catching up on chores, planning food, and getting some rest.

Here was my Friday:

  • fixed my blue ray player
  • did a bit of novel editing (more on this below)
  • moved a bathroom cabinet, sink, mirrored medicine cabinet out of my car
  • shoveled some of the snow out of my parking spot
  • put away some of my Christmas decorations
  • submitted a thing related to placement plus updated my placement log
  • got in touch with my next placement person
  • got a little tipsy (work hard, play hard :))
  • watched 3 movies (Blade Runner Final Cut, Deliver Us From Evil, and Big Hero 6)
  • put together my second semester schedule
  • removed the old mirror from my bathroom
  • watched some Black List

Saturday was:

  • many loads of laundry
  • baked chicken wings
  • watched 2 movies (The Meyerowitz Stories and Vampire Academy)
  • watch more Black List?
  • did more editing
  • played some guitar and transposed one song from trumpet to guitar


  • beat Lego Marvel Superheros
  • cleaned the entranceway
  • did more editing

Today (so far):

  • mailed a letter
  • got my hair trimmed
  • did some groceries
  • watched this video to mourn the loss of Dolores from The Cranberries 😥


Now, why did I move all that stuff out of my car all in one day?

We were expecting rain that would flash freeze then snow was to follow it. I wanted to get it out sooner, but every time I turned around there was bad weather. It was mild that day despite a light drizzle, so it was time to get it done. It hasn’t helped overall with getting my place clean as I now have a sink hanging out in my little dining room, but that’s life.

I start placement soon too and I intend to drive there, so I thought it would be nice if my car wasn’t full of furniture.

I’m not sure what got into me on Friday, but I’m losing the steam I had that day. My big plan for tonight is to fold the clothes I washed the other day and maybe put away some other things that need to be put away.


I’ve mostly taken a break this weekend from writing other than my blog. I did do a little on the editing on my novel though. It took me about half a day to find a better word than I initially chose because it’s quite a specific thing and all the words normally suggested just didn’t quite fit. I also fixed some other parts that seemed overly wordy and jargon filled. I’m annoyed it took me that long, but the smallest amount of progress is better than none at all.


Second semester starts tomorrow. So this week is about getting used to a new schedule, new rooms, and I also begin my work placement at a local production company, which I’m super excited about!


I’m starting to exercise a little more as of this week. First, I need to clear the area for it, so I’ll be working on that some tonight.


I haven’t been playing every day yet, but I know I will. Especially as I get my place cleaner, I’ll have less other things to do.

And that’s how it flows today.

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