Warrior Wednesday – Needing Downtime


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First, I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. I’m Canadian, so you know I’m being sincere.

At least, I think I didn’t post yesterday. My Facebook feed can’t tell me if there was a post or not as it seems to be missing all my posts from after my grading video that I posted around Christmas. That’s… A lovely thing to discover.

I didn’t have time to get to martial arts yesterday. My class went out for drinks and then I had to round up something to wear for a web series that I played an extra in today. It was neat seeing the non-writing side of things. I met a lot of new people in the Ottawa film community. The lead actress was nice. I spent most of the day glaring at her though. It’s what they wanted me to do!

Anyway, tomorrow is our last day of class for semester one. With my four-day weekend, I intend to get some cleaning in and to set up the piece of floorspace in my living room to do some working out. It’s also an okay space to practice some iaido because it’s not directly below anything I can break with my sword like a light bulb.

I really wish I had the kind of energy that Jesse Jane McParland has. We do have a spinning set, though it’s not quite that exuberant. We chase away the dojo demons with ours. It’s a cleansing ritual we do twice yearly. I can’t find a video on YouTube for it or I’d share it.

I’m also going to play some video games because I really need some downtime. It’s an important thing to have in order to prevent burnout. This last couple of weeks has been pretty killer in terms of workload.

I have a play to finish for one teacher and I have to send another teacher a copy of the peer review I gave one of my group partners before I get to relax. At least tomorrow is mainly movie day. We’ll be watching the films we made in Video Production class.

It was good to get away from the computer for a little while though I need to get back at it.

And that’s how today flows.

4 thoughts on “Warrior Wednesday – Needing Downtime

  1. It sounds like you needed to miss the day, even if it feels like it’s put you behind in some things right now. Your observation about your “extra” appearance… It reminds me of an interview I read with Jim Parsons (the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory)… He was talking about what an amazingly nice guy he thought Wil Wheaton was, and how he sometimes felt horrible because his character had to be so mean to him all the time.

    Relax, take a breath… do what you can. You’re almost to the end.

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  2. Your schedule sounds very intense, but you also have a plan (exercise, gaming, friends) that will help you wind down. Sometimes I have a hard time posting every Weds and every Sunday for ROW80 — and reading what others are up to, but this is a community of writers who also have commitments elsewhere, yet are committed to writing. The slogan: The online writing community that knows you have a life. So, cherish the time you have in the coming week. Write on!

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    • Yes, I think we all understand that we have many things going on. I handed in my last assignment this afternoon, so I’m done for at least a week. It’ll be nice to have a couple of days off to get my workspace cleaned up and ready for the second semester 🙂


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