Thoughtful Thursday – A Weight is Lifted

thoughtfulI didn’t realize how much one of my school assignments was weighing on me.

The term project for video production class has been a huge pain. First, we had scheduling issues. Then we had equipment, location, and power issues. Then we couldn’t get equipment during the Christmas break.

Today,  we were having battery issues and had to stop multiple times to charge the camera.

But we got it done!

Outside of the problems, it wasn’t bad. I learned how to make realistic fresh blood from a classmate and once we figured out all our shots exactly, it only took about 2 hours to film.

There’s only a couple more things to finish and hand in then the semester is over.

I meant to post this on Thursday instead of back dating it. I even thought I had posted it. But I fell asleep instead.

And that’s how it flowed yesterday.