Warrior Wednesday – A Rough Start


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The last couple of days have been rough. I’ve had two in a row that I had to be at school earlier and I got up extra early to ensure I actually caught a bus that would get me to school on time. My options are go really early or be late because the bus that would get me there at a reasonable time seems to always fall into a black hole somewhere along the route…

The weather has been really cold. Today was quite a bit warmer, but it was the kind of cold that makes me achy in places like my ankles, especially the one I injured doing roller derby 4 years ago. The walk to the bus stop was more of a limp.

It’s also the time of year where the heat makes my dry eyes drier, so they feel rather like rubber balls and it’s really uncomfortable. It makes me hate screens.

We haven’t had our first Iaido practice of 2018 yet because people were still on holiday and I wasn’t feeling well anyway. Hopefully Sunday will be better. I always enjoy the first practice of the year as we do some special kata to open the dojo. I don’t remember what they’re called, but we clear the dojo of bad energy and it’s really cool.

I’m tired and grumpy, but I have too much to do instead of napping. There’s an assignment due tomorrow, which I’m done. My video group will hopefully be starting and finishing our term project tomorrow also. It’s not as if we haven’t tried several times to get it done sooner. Between scheduling and equipment malfunctions, we’re learning the hard way why casting calls are the way they are. You better shoot video every day you can. On Saturday, we have to hand in the first 10 pages of our feature films, but that’s after we get group member feedback. We also have to hand in our completed TV episode for a currently running show. I chose South Park for mine and it’s really fun to write.  I would love to work on a show like that.

Next week is our last week of semester one. We have an exam on Canadian film history on Tuesday and everything outstanding has to be handed in before the 12th. Thursday’s final video production class is supposed to be watching the films we made.

And that’s the flow today,

5 thoughts on “Warrior Wednesday – A Rough Start

  1. I remember having a similar issue regarding bus service and getting to college. Though, there was no “miss the bus”, because there was only one a day (now the run doesn’t even exist at all since the factory it served went out of business). My sympathies…. especially with all this crazy weather.

    It sounds from what you’re saying that these classes are giving you a solid sense of what it means to be in the film business as uncomfortable as it may be as deadlines are approaching. Good you’re discovering all this now. You’ll be able to hit the ground running at graduation.

    I can see why South Park would be a fun show to work on. It’s nice to be able to poke a stick at society’s little quirks. Thing is, I almost pity the writers. Having to come up with not just something new, but something “better” than the last hundred episodes without pulling my hair out? *shakes head* Don’t think I could do it.


    • The buses are supposed to run every 15 minutes. That definitely wasn’t happening before Christmas. It is really uncomfortable not having a bus in -35C.

      Yes, we even have a teacher who acts like a manager that doesn’t fully know what wants. I’ve had a manager like that, so the vagueness doesn’t get to me as much as it does some.

      There’s so much crazy in the world that is ripe for a South Park episode unfortunately.

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  2. I know you’re hurting, but it does seem like you’re doing well, notwithstanding. May the rest of the year bring less pain, more sleep, and lots more joy!


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