Thoughtful Thursday – Group Work


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There are times I really abhor group work.

Today is such a day.


Here’s the list of things we have to do that are worth marks:

A 10-Minute Play
A 7-10 Page treatment for our original TV episode for an existing TV show
A rewrite of an objective document for a term project
A presentation that is also a term project
A short film 1-pager
A revised 1-pager for a feature film
An outline for the feature film
Probably an outline for the short film
Act 1 of the TV episode
More steps for the feature film
Actually writing the feature film
Actually writing the short film
Acts 2 and 3 for the TV episode
A script for a PSA
Comedy show skits to help raise money for our pitching trip
Catching up on reading so that the assignments are done properly

But hey guys, let’s spend a bunch of hours filming something that probably doesn’t have marks attached to it. Clearly it’s a high priority because we would’ve been doing it if the strike wasn’t a thing. Also, don’t worry about the fact that the entire giant list of things will be due as soon as the strike is over. Or that you’ll have other things like quizzes on top of that to do.

I may be a little cranky today.


As a former project planner and manager, I truly struggle with patience when it comes to prioritization skills or lack thereof.

Generally, I can rip through writing things quick enough, but every once in awhile, there’s that project that is inexplicably difficult. The short film seems to be that for me right now. I can see it playing in my head, but as I put it down on paper, it doesn’t seem to convey what I want to convey. Some of it comes from my own brief experience living through it and I’m unsure if it’s something other people will be moved by. Part of me also just wants it done, so I can focus on the next important thing.

I also haven’t been sleeping well since the strike and have been desperately trying to catch up on this.

That’s life I guess?

Not really. In reality, lots of people will either flat out tell you that your low priority stuff isn’t getting done anytime soon or they’ll say they accept it and “forget” about it.

I can certainly see why our teachers refuse to read things that aren’t assigned projects.

Anyway, I’m going to try and finish this short film 1-pager before covering my naked ass and heading to the bus.

Guid cheerio the nou,

6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Group Work

  1. Wow… that’s an intense list of things to get done. And with a lack of sleep too…

    Just keep doing what you can and moving step forward. You may never get all the way to the end (though you may!) but at least you’ll be in a new and different place than you are right now.


    • That’s what I’m doing. One thing at a time based on when it was originally supposed to be due. It’s true. They might skip some things with us like certain in class exercises due to schedule changes I can see coming. It’s a lot of just trying to do it as close as we can without any way to know if it’s right. That may be a little easier for those of us that have experienced the boss that doesn’t really know what he wants. Doing something is better than nothing.


      • Sounds a lot like my husband’s “Do something, even if it’s wrong” philosophy. Which works, as long as it’s not surgery or bridge building… 😉

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  2. Deep breaths here and there help, and don’t take that much time. I send you strength and the inspiration to tweak that short film closer to what’s playing in your head.


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