Merry Monday – Decisions

Some decisions are easy like stopping off at Wal-Mart to buy deodorant when you’re running early for class and are pretty sure you forgot to put some on this morning. Having some in your locker is handy anyway and if you need something else you’ve been meaning to pick up, you might as well grab that too.
Other decisions we put off for various reasons. Sometimes it’s hope that things will change or maybe we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. And sometimes we don’t want to come off as insensitive, heartless, or selfish. Maybe we just don’t want to admit some harsh truths to ourselves. 

All this to say that I had to admit to myself that something wasn’t working and put and end to it.  I’m a little sad about it, but ultimately I think it’ll lead to happier days overall. 

Guid cheerio the nou,



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