Frisky Friday – Spanking Parties


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Spanking is a fetish for some. For many, they don’t need it to ‘arrive’, but enjoy being spanked by their partners in a sexual way as part of foreplay.

Some people place spanking on their version of the BDSM spectrum, while others find it too tame to be part of BDSM. The accounts I’ve read of spanking parties are that they aren’t full of bondage wearing types or any other stereotypical BDSM-like scenes you may be picturing.

Spanking parties have been around for quite some time. The media was reporting on them around 2011, so you can assume they were going on longer than that. They’re especially great for people who are searching for someone else who is into spanking.

Some of you may wonder how spanking could be enjoyable. It’s all about change of sensation. When the skin is lightly stinging and your partner gently runs their fingertips or a feather over it, it can heighten or change the way it normally feels. Much like an ice cube.

Many cities have events like spanking parties. Sometimes they’re invite-only. If it’s something you’re interested in, do an internet search for spanking parties in your city.

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