Frisky Friday – Masturbation


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It’s Frisky Friday and I wanted to give you something fun to read. It’s likely NSFW, so you’ve been warned.

Today’s post is about masturbation. A taboo subject that is completely normal and healthy in most cases.

There are pros and cons to masturbating. Masturbation has had a conflicting history for something so natural. Some religions still see it as a sinful practice. There are a lot of other animals that masturbate using a wide variety of methods.


  1. Orgasms release endorphin, which is the happy and feel-good chemical. This is beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety, pain, and sadness.
  2. In men, it freshens the sperm which is thought to improve the chances of making babies. This happens with regular sex too. Couples that are having difficult conceiving are no longer told to abstain from sex.
  3. It’s a natural human instinct.
  4. It’s a mostly safe way to release sexual frustration that doesn’t lead to unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections.
  5. Improve muscle fitness in the pelvic region.
  6. It *can* make you a better lover if you use it right.


  1. Some people can become addicted and they are at risk of rubbing themselves raw.
  2. Many religious orders feel it is sinful. If you’re religious, it might make you feel bad.
  3. Semen stains floors as noted by this school. It probably took a long time though and if they aimed better, it wouldn’t happen at all.
  4. You could get a urinary tract infection if your hands aren’t clean and you spend too much time touching one area. On UTIs in men. Women more commonly get UTIs and this can happen from frequent intercourse as well from a combination of irritating the urethra and bacteria getting places they don’t belong.

A Brief History of Masturbation

Other Animals That Masturbate

  1. Cetaceans: A dolphin masturbates using dead fish.
  2. Other primates: Here’s a monkey gripping his own wood.
  3. Turtles: Wall, shell, who can really tell the difference?
  4. Bats: Here’s a bat giving himself a suck.
  5. Squirrels: But will any old branch do?
  6. Walruses: Here’s a walrus playing just the tip.
  7. Rhinos: Rocks can be fun, but they’re probably just scratching an actual itch.
  8. Birds: Here’s a budgie rubbing one out.
  9. Dogs: Man’s best friend giving himself a little touch.
  10. Bears: Well they do spend a lot of time alone
  11. Elephants: At least he remembered the rubber?
  12. Cats: When they feel like putting the effort in
  13. Kangaroos: He *could* be cleaning it… Right?
  14. Hedgehogs: What a great way to wake up!
  15. Koalas: It could just be really into scratching itself
  16. Rabbits: A friend of mine had a rabbit that loved its stuffed animals.


Masturbation is a normal and healthy activity to engage in as long as it makes you feel good. Even babies do it in the womb. Don’t neglect your other activities and practice good hygiene before and after. Moderation masturbation is fun!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Frisky Friday. Have a fantastic weekend!