Ultra Busy Weekend Ahead

Ack! I forgot about Wonder Wednesday this week 😦

I assure you my brain has been pondering lots of things given the tips and tricks provided to me this weekend to improve my martial art. Also, because people have been suggesting I write something for the national magazine. I’m not sure how I feel about that given that I’m only a lowly Shodan rank, but perhaps I’ll find something to say.

I’m off again this weekend. This time, it’s for Ad Astra 2016 in Richmond Hill. Back to the GTA I drive tomorrow.

I spent part of yesterday deliberating between which panels I should attend. Here’s the plan:


7:00 PM – Give Them a Laugh (Comedy is something I’d like to improve on)
8:00 PM – Loving What Happens vs Loving Who It Happens To (I love love!)
9:00 PM – Cropsey Slender Man and the Angels of Mons: the Roots of Religion and Folklore (Sounds like something that will provide inspiration)
10:00 PM – The Dos and Don’ts of Writing Erotica (Aligns with possible future goals under a pen name)
11:00 PM – See if the birthday party is still going on

Saturday (I’m not sure when I eat lunch or dinner)

10:00 AM – How to Outline and Plan Your Story (I feel like I can always be better at this as I pants a lot)
11:00 AM – A Troubleshooting Guide for Manuscripts (Workshop I paid for)
1:00 PM – Finding a Literary Agent (Might want one someday soonish)
2:00 PM – Welcome to Hellmaw (Sounded fun)
3:00 PM – DIY Publicity: Who to Contact and What to Say (Workshop I paid for)
5:00 PM – Crossing the Gender Divide (Sounded fascinating)
6:00 PM – Does Diversity Sell? (Who doesn’t want their work to sell?)
7:00 PM – Loving the Villain (I want to make better villains that are hard to completely hate)
8:00 PM – The Disappearance of the Beginning, Middle, and End (Changing story structures sounds important to learn about)
9:00 PM – The Rise of Kink in Fanfiction and Fandom
10:00 PM – Check out the remainder of the EDGE party


10:00 AM – When to Listen to Your Editor and When Not To (Sounds important)
11:00 AM – How to Go Beyond Getting Started and Get Something Finished (I feel like I’m never going to be done editing this thing and need a little something)
12:00 PM – Lunch?
1:00 PM – Marketing and Promoting Your Self-Published Novel (I plan to do some self and some traditional)
2:00 PM – Publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy – From Whence We Came and Where We Are Going (Sounds important)
3:00 PM – Work-Life Balance as an Artist (Could be important)

Then visit my bestie in Oshawa and reclaim my missing hair cleansing products.

Oh and possibly my new electric guitar will be ready on Monday. I have the day off, so that would be ultra sweet.

Tonight, I need to pack, but possibly wash laundry first. Also, solidify meals for the weekend. Need bacon to go with GF oatmeal for breakfast to be settled. Need something for lunches or just lots of convenient, healthy snacks. Maybe homemade bread with DF cream cheese and jam with veggies and GF pepperoni? Maybe stir fry for dinners? Think I just figured stuff out while writing this post…

Oh, no posts this weekend. Will recap stuff next week. May will be hectic like this too between Comiccon and Iaido seminar weekends.

I can’t wait to see everyone at Ad Astra! And learn stuffs!