Food Sensitivities Update

When I first started having food issues, it seemed everything was making me sick. Indeed, I thought I must be allergic to corn because there are very few things corn is not in.

Also, food smelled awful. Theatre popcorn smelled like urine. Other milk products smelled rancid. The bread aisle smelled like a brewery and made me feel ill.

Imagine sitting in a theatre surrounded by people eating food that smells like urine. I stopped going for awhile.

Since starting Plaquenil in December and going completely gluten free, my sensitivity to yeast has reduced and things smell like food again! Vinegar still hurts my tummy, but I believe that is due to the lack of moisture from having Sj√∂gren’s Syndrome being combined with acid.

I seem to be very sensitive to precooked grocery store bbq chickens. But that could be gluten contamination.

I’ve been tested for Celiac’s and it came out negative, but I could be intolerant. My symptoms are in line with intolerance rather than allergy. I’ll spare you the details.

I successfully ate a Gluten Free vegan pizza, that I added meat to, a couple of weeks ago with no ill effects. Next, I plan to try again to see if it was just a fluke only I’ll buy the premade crust and just add my own toppings like goat cheddar. I will try a gf pizza from a pizza place with a light amount of regular mozzarella in about a month or two to see how my milk sensitivity is. I’ve never been a big egg eater, so I’m not in a hurry on that one. If I can have a gf pizza once in awhile, I’ll be super happy.

I just thought I’d share an update on my food situation.


2 thoughts on “Food Sensitivities Update

  1. It’s a tough go, I know. It’s very frustrating when you can’t seem to get direct medical answers either. I’ve been playing the elimination game for a while now. I seem to have found a good balance – more or less. But it doesn’t take much to knock the stomach off balance. I hope you can find a balance too.


    • Well aside from vinegar and chicken I haven’t had much in the way of reactions in a long time, so I think it’s getting better.

      But my autoimmune disease is often left out of things. There’s a conference on autoimmune diseases coming up and there’s no one presenting about it, for example. No wonder most of the medical community is clueless.

      I know things will improve though. I’m a firm believer in not settling for less than a full and happy life.

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