Funky Friday – Losses, threats, and violence

Image created using Bit Strips.

Image created using Bit Strips.

I completed the second draft of my story, so I’m writing a quick post of the most prominent stories from this week.

  1. Sad – An RCMP officer in Ottawa took his own life.
  2. Happy – Jared from the Subway commercials got beaten in prison. I have zero sympathy for sexual predators. Sometimes I think I should feel bad about this, but children are one of our most precious resources and adults like him disgust me.
  3. Excited – Anonymous has declared war on Donald Trump!
  4. Hopeful – I’m starting a new treatment soon to better manage my pain.
  5. Unsettled – Given that I just finished writing a story that features an unknown pathogen… This outbreak in Wisconsin is freaking me out just a tiny bit.

Well, that’s all I have the mental capacity for tonight.